Goldust as he appeared in the mid-1990's.

You will never forget the name...Goldust.
~ Goldust's catchphrase.

Goldust is a professional wrestler best known for his time with the WWF/E. He has also competed under the name Dustin Rhodes, and was also known as The Black Reign for a time in TNA. He is the real life son of "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes and the brother of Cody Rhodes, now called Stardust.

Between WWE and WCW, Rhodes won 17 total championships.


In September 1995, Goldust feuded with Razor Ramon and The Ultimate Warrior before losing to Ahmed Johnson at King of the Ring on June 23, 1996. In August 1996, Goldust briefly gained control over Mankind and feuded with The Undertaker. His attention soon turned to Marc Mero and his then wife Sable. Goldust and Marlena attempted to get Sable to join their team, but Mero won the feud and kept her by his side.

In May 1998, Rhodes was re-signed by the World Wrestling Federation to a 2-year deal. Following the dissolution of the tag team, Rhodes developed a gimmick upon receiving a shock from a Round Tube during an attack at the hands of Batista and Randy Orton. Rhodes appeared sporadically thereafter, forming a tag team with Lance Storm in August 2003. In fall 2003, Booker T. began receiving mysterious, haunting

Goldust returned again to WWE and continued to appear with WWE in a mid-card role until 2011, when he made a few appearances for them in 2013 before disappearing from WWE altogether once again. However, Goldust wrestled Orton in attempt to get his brother's job back to no success. After seeing his father Dusty Rhodes get knocked out by Big Show (who was forced into doing it), Goldust took to twitter saying that Stephine "won't see it coming".

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