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~ Malak before summoning the Goliath Clowns.

The Goliath Clowns are minor antagonists in the episodic indie horror game Dark Deception, serving as the bosses of Crazy Carnevil.


The Goliath Clowns are first seen on the roller coaster, harmlessly waving and laughing to the player. Once the player collects the ring piece, Malak will block the exits to the area and summon the fpur Goliath Clowns to fight the player. The Goliath Clowns attack by summoning Clown Gremlins, slashing their fists into the ground, and puking out blue orbs. The player must defeat the titanic cretins by smashing them over the head with their hammer, killing them in one blow. After all four is killed, a enraged Malak will chase after the player, but fails to kill them..


Extremely similar to the Clown Gremlins, the Goliath Clowns are supersized versions of the tiny terrors, with dark skin, alongside a black frilled collar, uniform, and shoes. Their arms are striped in neon blue lines, along with their makeup.


  • The Goliath Clowns are the largest enemies in the game as of Chapter 3.
  • Alongside the Doom Ducky, their name was leaked before the chapter's release.
  • Killing all four of the Goliath Clowns in 8 minutes or less unlocks the achievement "The Last Laugh".
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