Golza is a kaiju that has appeared as an antagonist several times in the Ultraman franchise, first appearing in Ultraman Tiga.


Ultraman Tiga

Episode 1

Golza emerged from the underground to cause havoc alongside Meiba. He was later destroyed by a reborn Ultraman Tiga.

Episode 18

Golza later managed to become more powerful by absorbing energy from heat, becoming Fire Golza. He initially overpowered Ultraman Tiga until Tiga carried him into the air and dropped him into a volcano, defeating him.

Ultraman Dyna

Golza later reemerged after the volcano he was tossed in erupted, returning to Japan to cause havoc. He was defeated when Ultraman Dyna tore open his skin and fired his Dynamic Ray into it, destroying the kaiju.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

Golza attacked ZAP SPACY alongside Telesdon, but both were destroyed by Rei's Gomora with his Oscillatory Wave.

Fire Golza later appeared under the command of Kate. It was sent to attack ZAP SPACY by Kate, easily overpowering Rei's Gomora. However, Rei's Gomora later managed to gain the advantage in the fight with assistance from ZAP SPACY, only for Kate to send out her second kaiju, Gan Q. Fire Golza was destroyed when Gomora dodged an attack from Gan Q, causing it to hit Golza instead and kill it.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Fire Golza appeared as a member of the Belial Army. It took on Ultraseven alongside King Joe, ElekingVerokron, DoragoryKing PandonBanpiraAlien GutsAlien Metron, and Gan-Q. It was later destroyed by Ultraman Zero along with King Joe, Alien Valky, Alien Guts, Zetton and Tyrant.

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