The Gomander and Outslay are iconic, recurring bosses in the R-Type series.


Also known as Cyst, Gomander is a huge Bydo-infected masses of flesh, which takes on the shape of a huge hearts. It is inhabited by a snake-like creature called Outslay (Inslew in Japanese), which can come from its inside through the various tubes on the Gomander's body and also acts as it's main form of attack. While Outslay has no weak spot, Gomander's is a small blue core on the top, which opens and closes sporadically. Gomander's core is often protected by biological sheaths or protected by bony tubes. If it takes damage, the orb shuts immediately to prevent further damage before momentarily reopening again.

In R-Type Final, R-9 must enter Gomander's inside in order to take it down, revealing that its interior is indeed hollow. Also, it is mentioned in R-Type Final that a planet-sized Gomander has been seen before. Gomander can use anything to nourish itself and will soon grow to extreme sizes. Without an Outslay the Gomander will die, and vice versa, because the Outslay nourishes itself from the excess energy from the Gomander and returns it back inside of its gigantic host. It is unknown whether two Outslays/Inslews can support two Gomanders.

There is a possible Gomander variant named Inexsis: it can use two Outslays that skibble and squirm around.


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R-Type and Dimensions: Referred to as Gomba in the Game Boy version. Clever manipulation of the Force can wedge it into the orb's socket. The best strategy is to leave R-9's Force front attached and then carefully maneuver between the crystal core and the protrusion to the left of it. This leaves the Force where it will damage Gomander, and R-9 is protected from Outslays movements (it will fly right over R-9 but not touching it) and projectiles (even without the upper Bit unit).
R-Type III: This time is one of the forms the Phantom Cell assumes in both encounters. The Gomander form is named Darth Gomander. The first playthrough features a replica Gomander in classic original colors. In the second, advanced playthrough, the Gomander replica is in darker colors. Once again, Gomander sends Outslay to destroy R-9 and protect itself.
R-Type Delta: A huge living organism. Its cave dwelling was destroyed, forcing it to wander through different dimensions.

Gomander appears in level 5's boss rush. Gomander doesn't follow its standard attack pattern, but instead flies around the room trying to crush invading pilots. At some point before its encounter with the pilot, the eye of the Gomander sustained heavy damage. Unlike other missions, Gomander's entire body is vulnerable, not just the blue core. If left alone long enough, the warship's thrusters will break it apart. Also, unlike R-Type Final's incarnation, closer inspection reveals its insides to be solid flesh and not a large stomach; however this may only be due to the graphical limitations of the PS1/PSX.

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R-Type Final: It can use anything as a source of nourishment. It does not stop growing - a planet-sized specimen has been seen. At giant sizes it cannot maintain itself and dies. It cannot control its own growth. However, the parasitic Outslay regulates excess energy, keeping growth in check. Pilots actually fly into the creature's innards to take it out. Note that the Outslay is just as active inside the creature as outside.
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R-Type TACTICS: Gomander makes another appearance in this mission. Enlarged Bydo lifeform with multiple orifices that spew harmful fluids. Its weakness is the crystal head.
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