Gomess is a kaiju that made its debut in the first episode of Ultra Q. Gomess would later return in several Ultraman installments in its new form Gomess (S). Gomess' science name is Gometius.


Ultra Q

In ancient times, Gomess was the predator of the kaiju Litra. In the present day, Gomess was awakened from its hibernation by a group of miners and began attacking their mining site. However, a Litra was hatched from a stone egg. The Litra and Gomess would fight in a battle that ultimately cost both of them their lives.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

A larger variant of Gomess, Gomess (S), fought Magular on the desert planet, Hammer. After defeating Magular, Gomess turned his attention to ZAP SPACY, who had just crashed on the planet in their ship the Pendragon. In response, Rei sent Gomora to fight both him and Magular. After Gomora destroyed Magular, Gomess was called back by his unseen master.

Gomess' master was eventually revealed to be Alien Guts. When Gomess was destroyed in its fight with Rei's Gomora and Litra, Guts fled the scene.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Gomess (S) appeared as one of the members of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army. He fought Ultraman alongside several other monsters and was killed along with Alien Baltan when Belial unleashed a Belial Geno Thunder.

Ultraman X

Gomess (S) appeared in episode 15 where he destroyed a village before burrowing back underground, prompting Ultraman X to go fight the monster. Gomess was later defeated by X's Exceed X-Slash and Cyber Gomora's Super Oscillatory Wave, before being transformed into a Spark Doll by X's Xanadium Ray.

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