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Gomphus is a minor antagonist in the SteamWorld series.


The Gomphus appears to be a giant mushroom creature. A huge mushroom-cap is attached to it's head. While its face appears to be looking very angry like. As its body is looking obsessed, with very long hands.


Gomphus first appeared after Armilly and Copernica took a mushroom that would help their village's well. He believed that they were stealing it for their own personal gain and so fought against them until he was defeated.

A weaker version of Gomphus known as Funghala appears around the Cursed City, where it will fight against the Fellowship if they bump into him.

Both Gomphus and Funghala can be fought in the areana, where they will appear in the Full Moon Cup II. with a shade version of one of them can be fought in Abyssal Cup II, With some Shroomlings.

Powers And Abilities

Cards: Gomphus has some cards such as a powerful punch, summon allies and a War Cry to harm his opponents.


  • Gomphus is the first boss in SteamWorld Qeust: Hand of Gilgamech.
  • Gomphus was named after a form of fungi.
  • Gomphus is the second boss in the SteamWorld series to be an organic being, with Rosie being the first.
  • Gomphus' bestiary page reeds: This unusally large fungus tried to keep our heroes from laying their hands on the cool and refreshing peppermint puffer, but was easily dispatched.


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