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The ultimate savior beat me!
~ Final words before death.

Goneshi is the Daikaan of Space Shogunate Jark Matter who rules the planet Vela. Also, he's the main antagonist in episode 15 of 2017 TV series called Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.

He is voiced by Kyousei Tsukui who previously voiced Bara Cactus 2, Deputy Leader Zelmoda, Chainzaws, Spartan, a Cell Phone Org, Trinoid 12: Yatsudenwani, Wandean Niwande, Kanadegami, Sojo, Namono-Gatari of the Ortaurus Headder, Keshigomuloid and later voiced Samon Shakekisutanchin.


Goneshi made his first appearance on Planet Vela having a barbecue with a couple of Indavers. However they were then spotted by a young village girl, so they stopped her and were about to finish her off, but they were then ambushed by the arrival of at 5 members of the Kyurangers. So in retaliation Goneshi dive into the ocean to make a quick getaway.

A while later he used his ability to fool the residents on this planet to get their meal for example a beach party and tricking them into thinking that the Kyurangers are the ones polluting the planet.

He used his ability one last time to fool the residents, but thanks to Martha his scheme went kaput revealing himself as a fraud instead of the savior for this planet. So he sent the Indavers to attack the team. However they destroyed them, so he used his liar staff and open fired on Hammie, but she used ninjitsu skills to fool him, and then she used her invisibility to sneak attack him. Then Goneshi has gotten himself all wet when he accidentally knocked one of Lucky's attacks at a whale. After that, he was then defeated by their All-Star Crash.

However thanks to his Inrō that's not been destroyed he enlarged himself prompting the team to bring out Kyuren-oh and battle him in the sea. However due to his giant size, he needs to be saved instead, so after that, he was then destroyed along with his spaceship by this finisher called Kyuren-Oh! Meteor Break!.


Attempting to turn-key VII on planet Toki in the Tokei System, Hammie was engaged by an illusion of Goneshi, whom she destroyed with the Hamillion Impact.


Goneshi is shown to be very greedy and manipulative, as he is willing to pretend to be a planet's Savior in order to have their caught fish as sacrifice despite being truly be used for his own meals. He is also smart enough to put his Morimers under the sea to be unnoticed.


  • His design is similar to Gamajakushi from the 2002 TV series called Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger.


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