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The Goose God is a minor villain who appears in the animated TV series Courage, the Cowardly Dog. He is a humanoid goose with a burly physique, who is supposedly a god of sort sort, possibly relating to Greek or Roman lore based on his toga.


In "The Gods Must Be Goosey", Muriel catches the eye of the lonely Goose God, who longs to have a bride and queen to rule alongside. Due to this, the loving deity tries to earn Muriel's favor through friendly visits and gifts. Courage, wanting to keep Muriel so she can care for him, tries to stop the ploy, as Eustace ignores the entire situation as he attempts to repair his beloved truck. After is he notified by Muriel that she isn't single, The Goose God, still enraptured with her, kidnaps her, much to Courage's alarm. Courage tries for a final time to ask Eustance for help, but mistakingly knocks him out of the truck while doing so, causing it's horn to blare in the process. However, Goose God is attracted to the truck due to it's honking horn, so he snatches it away (Much to Eustace's dismay) and leaves Muriel be.

He is seen once more in "Ride of the Valkyries", where when the Valkyries sing about their lost sister and how they need to find her, The Goose God requests them to be more quiet, as he and the truck (Now affectionally nicknamed "Truckie") are busy sleeping.


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