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"I can already do more than any of you! I see all the cats that have gone before us, and things that have not yet happened. You have no idea what powers I have!"
~ Goosefeather thinking to himself during his medicine cat ceremony in Goosefeather's Curse"

Goosefeather is a major character in the Warriors prequel super editions and novellas, set before The Prophecies Begin. Cursed by StarClan to foresee many future events, Goosefeather wavers between aiding and resenting fate. He's a morally ambiguous, as though he ultimately attempts to do the greater good, his deranged methods can cause unnecessary suffering.


Born into a group of wild cats known as ThunderClan, Goosekit wasn't like the others in the nursery. He had supernatural abilities, such as giving him randomized visions of the future. A secondary ability was to see the ghosts of his ancestors walking in the mortal world. He casually spoke to those ghosts, not realizing they were dead. No one else could see them, making everyone believe Goosekit was hallucinating. The other kittens would tease him for his oddities, even his own sister struggling to understand him. Not all the spirits could be trusted, as some came from the Dark Forest, the evil afterlife of the Clans. He briefly learnt battle moves from a demonic spirit named Mapleshade. She quickly gave up the training, realizing Goosekit was already suffering from his powers and she didn't need to do anything.

When Goosekit used the knowledge from a ghost, to locate a missing clanmate, the medicine cat Cloudberry figured he might be telling the truth. She believed Goosekit was destined to be a medicine cat, with a strangely powerful connection to the holy afterlife of StarClan. Cloudberry made Goosekit her apprentice, despite it breaking Clan law due to his young age. Goosepaw's peer group grew jealous of him, as he could do official duties while they were stuck in the nursery. His isolation grew worse, when Cloudberry made him keep his powers a secret, explaining that his future knowledge could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

His sister, Moonpaw became resentful when he became defensive around her for seemingly no reason. She drifted away from him and spent time with her crush Stormtail. Goosepaw disliked Stormtail, as one of his past bullies, therefore considered him a bad influence on his sister. So when the young apprentice had visions of Stormtail leading a badger to him, he believed it was purposeful. When it actually happened, Goosepaw accused Stormtail of attempting to murder him. His clanmates were horrified, explaining the older tom was getting help and Goosepaw had accidentally got in the way. The medicine cat refused to admit he was wrong.

Soon, Goosepaw received his full title of Goosefeather, despite still being abnormally young. Cloudberry attempted to help her apprentice master his future visions. She wanted to repeat the results of Goosefeather finding that missing cat as a kitten, actually altering the timeline for the better. So when Goosefeather foresaw an upcoming famine, he strategized how he could prevent it. He ordered his clanmates to bury their prey underground, so they could preserve it for later. Unfortunately, heavy rain soaked into the ground, rotting the prey prematurely. Because of this, Goosefeather inadvertently made the famine worse. He had to helplessly watch his clanmates starve, wondering if it was his fault. When he visited StarClan next, the spirits bombarded him with an overwhelming amount of prophecies. Many of those prophecies wouldn't even happen until generations later. Already having given up after the famine, Goosefeather assumed this destined path was unchangeable. He declared he could do nothing about it.

Goosefeather remained ThunderClan's medicine cat for many years. In that time, Cloudberry passed away and he trained his own apprentice, Featherpaw. The medicine cat had grown disillusioned with StarClan, becoming generally cynical and callous. Thinking everything was predetermined anyway, he didn't feel responsible for any of his actions. He had a reputation as a lazy madman, his clanmates relying on Featherwhisker more than him. He'd sometimes ramble to himself about prophecies and slack on his official duties. One day while gathering herbs at the shore, he stumbled upon two pestering kittens. The young brothers had strayed away from Riverclan. Goosefeather's powers gave him a superiority-complex, thinking he worked on a scale so large, any individual suffering he caused was insignificant. Instead of viewing them as kittens, that were legally protected, he saw them as potential punching bags for his built-up frustration. He charged and shouted at them, scaring them in the direction of the river. Even as they approached Riverclan's border, Goosefeather declared they wouldn't get away. He yanked one's tail as they dangled over the water, causing Stormkit to break his jaw and fall into the river. The medicine cat abandoned Stormkit to drown and never admitted what he'd done. Even after seeing Stormkit, now Crookedjaw, being manipulated by the same ghost, Mapleshade, Goosefeather remained indignant.

Around the same time, Moonflower had become officially mates with Stormtail. Though he proved to be the distant partner Goosefeather suspected. Yet he was still pleased with the arrivals of his nieces, Bluepaw and Snowpaw. He was awkward, but generally tried to get along with Moonflower's daughters. However, Goosefeather had a crazed moment, when Goosefeather saw Snowpaw's first catch. He broke his promise to not meddle with the future. As the prey's fur was wind-swept and leaf-covered, the medicine cat interpreted it as an omen, that WindClan was an inevitable threat unless their herb store was destroyed. His clanmates argued it was immoral to endanger innocents to preventable diseases and WindClan had done nothing to provoke them. Goosefeather pressed on, demanding they raid WindClan's camp that very night. Reluctantly, the leader, Pinestar, went along with it, believing it to be StarClan's will. However, the battle didn't go well, with Moonflower being slain by the WindClan medicine cat Hawkheart while trying to destroy the latter's herb supply. Goosefeather remained unrepentant as his clanmates blamed the death of his sister on him. His relationship with his nieces were forever strained, not knowing what to think of him.

Afterwards, his clanmates didn't trust Goosefeather's omens, believing them to be nonsense. Unknown to ThunderClan, Goosefeather finally received a prophecy that was relevant to his time, that Snowfur's mate, Thistleclaw and his proteges could become tyrants if they ever became leader. The only other cat to receive the prophecy was his niece, Bluefur. Always feeling something was off with Thistleclaw, she believed in his capacity for evil. Despite their tension around Moonflower's death, the family members put it aside, to work together in order to save ThunderClan. Bluefur would prove herself as a better deputy candidate than Thistleclaw, so he'd never get chosen. Meanwhile, Goosefeather would use his position as a medicine cat to influence things behind the scenes.

Though what Bluefur and Goosefeather couldn't agree on, was how to deal with Thistleclaw's proteges. As at the present time, they were all kittens. Being able to foresee someone's future, Goosefeather judged his clanmates on what they might do. While, Bluefur argued they were currently innocent and should be treated as such. First, they had to deal with Whitekit, Snowfur's and Thistleclaw's son. Goosefeather agreed to have Bluefur isolate Whitekit from his father. It ended up working, as Whitekit grew to be kind-hearted without Thistleclaw's influence. Though the other proteges of Tigerkit and Spottedkit weren't so lucky.

Since Goosefeather was approaching old age, his methods became more extreme to ensure results. Bluefur objected to these methods, so Goosefeather acted out on his own. Spottedpaw was being manipulated by into being Thistleclaw's mate, despite being too young, all to tempt her into the Dark Forest's training. Since Goosefeather's routinely made trips to the afterlives, including the Dark Forest, he was aware of the two's inappropriate relationship. Though, he never reported it or supported Spottedpaw, leaving her to be tricked. At one point, even mocking her as foolish under his breath. It was up to Spottedpaw herself to cut ties with Thistleclaw, by becoming the Featherwhisker's new apprentice. As a medicine cat, she would be forbidden from a mate and children. The last protege was Tigerkit, who was set to become Thistleclaw's apprentice. Goosefeather knew he had potential to be even worse than Whitekit and Spottedpaw. So the medicine cat immediately went to killing him. First, Goosefeather abandoned Tigerkit's mother during her near-fatal birth, hoping he'd die. Yet, Tigerkit was the sole survivor, while his two sisters died of birth complications. Trying again, the medicine cat privately spoke to Pinestar, who was his father. He hinted towards Tigerkit's future and advised the leader to kill him. Knowing that Goosefeather's powers may mean he's speaking the truth, Pinestar couldn't bring himself to be outraged. This indirectly drove Pinestar to flee from ThunderClan, as he couldn't handle the burden of murdering Tigerkit. Ironically, being abandoned by his father would help set Tigerkit's path to becoming a tyrant. After those two attempts, Goosefeather couldn't find an opportunity to indirectly kill Tigerkit without incriminating himself. So he had reluctantly give up, but remained aggressive and paranoid towards Tigerkit.

While giving up on Tigerkit, Goosefeather refocused his efforts on Thistleclaw himself, as the most immediate threat. Bluefur had succeed in being Thistleclaw's main rival for the deputy position. However it could've been ruined when she got into a forbidden romance with a Riverclan tom named Oakheart, who was one of the young brothers attacked by Goosefeather many years ago, alongside Crookedjaw. One day, Goosefeather accidentally spotted the mates' secret meeting. Knowing this scandal would ruin her shot at being deputy, Goosefeather confronted his niece. He insured he doesn't doubt her loyalty, but she needed to stop distracting herself with Oakheart and focus on the mission. For the sake of saving ThunderClan, Bluefur broke up with Oakheart. Though it had come too late, as she was already pregnant.

Though she still managed to coverup who the father was, by asking Oakheart to remain quiet and getting her friend Thrushpelt to falsely pose as her mate. Her three kittens were born in ThunderClan and she found joy in raising them. Yet this was at the worst time, as ThunderClan's current deputy was approaching retirement. The moment of truth, where either Bluefur or Thistleclaw was appointed as deputy, was fast approaching. Though with Bluefur already busy with her kittens, the leader was wary she'd be overwhelmed with responsibilities if she was made deputy on top of that. Therefore, Thistleclaw's chances of rising to power was dramatically increase.

Pressed for time, Goosefeather visited his niece in the nursery. He asserted there was no room for her children in the prophecy and she needed to get rid of them somehow. So he came up with a plan for Bluefur to smuggle her kittens to Oakheart. To keep his own hands clean, he insisted Bluefur had to enact out the plan alone. After waiting for serval days, he soon realised Bluefur had obeyed him. Her kittens had gone missing and there was planted evidence of a fox attack. While their clanmates grieved over the lie, Goosefeather approached his niece, asking if the kittens were really dead. Bluefur revealed she'd managed to transport two kittens to their Riverclan father, however the smallest, Mosskit, had died of hypothermia during the leaf-bare night. The medicine cat dismissed it, saying her child's death was a small sacrifice to pay for ThunderClan's safety.

No longer occupied in the nursery, Bluefur was free to run for the deputy position. All the hard work became worth it, as she was chosen and prevented Thistleclaw's rise to power. With him successfully guaranteeing the future of his niece's generation, he went into an uneasy retirement. Though while he aided one prophecy, there were still many prophecies too far in the future for him to affect. The one thorn in his side was Tigerkit. who was growing in strength with each passing day. Though Goosefeather wouldn't see how Tigerkit's destiny would unfold, as he died of a brain infection soon after. With his death, he ascended to StarClan.


Goosefeather was a mild-mannered and anxious kitten, needing to be ensured by the adults he wouldn't be hurt by things. Despite this, he enjoyed playing more than he cared to admit. Though he could get annoyed at their babying, occasionally scoffing at their attempts. Due to his powers, there were miscommunications between him and his clanmates. While some tried to gently assure his visions weren't real, Goosekit bluntly assured he was right. Goosekit grew frustrated at his clanmates outcasting him and became mistrustful as a result, even at cats attempting to help. As Goosepaw, he was pushed to become Cloudberry's apprentice and keep his powers a secret. Due to this, his isolation grew with his peers. He developed an indignant attitude, responding to others with prickliness and scorn, contributing to his own loneliness. He found more comfort in the ghosts he could see, listening to one's herb lesson, even if he found it boring.

Other than the spirits, Goosepaw still had a relatively good relationship with the authority figures that knew of his powers. He was determined to please them and ultimately do the right thing. When his vision told him where a missing cat was, the leader listened to the young cat and gave him the credit for the finding. This gave Goosepaw a new arrogance, not minding his isolation as much, since he felt superior to his peers. Though this culminated in an incident with Stormtail, where he accidentally lead a badger to Goosepaw. Embittered by Stormtail's past bullying, Goosepaw came to the dramatic conclusion that he'd tried to kill him. Despite everyone telling him it was an accident, Goosepaw assumed he knew better, refusing to take back his accusation.

When Goosefeather's third attempt to help the whole Clan failed and ended with cats dying anyway - the traumatic event dramatically shifted Goosefeather's outlook. He lost respect for both authority figures and StarClan, concluding they were incompetent. He even questioned himself, on whether he had the free will to better the timeline, or if it was all predetermined. His complex with his powers worsened. Once having cautious optimistic surrounding them, now he declared them useless and a curse. His existential crisis made him nihilistic and to generally not care. He grew apathetic in all aspects of life, slacking on his duties, dismissing others' opinions and even his grooming. He became unhinged at times, rambling to himself about prophecies and confusing what were real omens. His one spark of hope was his fondness for his family, even with his social awkwardness.

Goosefeather lost the moral compass of his younger self. While he remained interested in aiding destiny, he wasn't sure his clanmates would listen to him. Therefore, he decided to deal the prophecies on his own. He would keep his visions a secret and manipulate a select few cats in private. He even came up with calculated plans for them to follow. His powers made him think on a grand scale and focused on the greater good. He thought the end justify the means and considered any individual's suffering insignificant. Through this thinking, Goosefeather justified many cruel actions, even against innocents. Arguably, many of his methods were unnecessarily extreme. Assuming the world was predetermined, Goosefeather didn't feel responsible for his actions. He refused to feel guilt and willingly to enact on the pettiest impulses, such attacking kittens for annoying him.

Power and Abilities

Goosefeather was born with abnormally strong connection to his spiritual ancestors. With his ghost allies, he can indirectly access their abilities.

Dream Walking - When Goosefeather goes to sleep, he can separate his body and spirit, to temporality enter the Clan afterlives. Usually cats would need the Moonstone or for a spirit to invite them, but Goosefeather able to do it on his own. He can go where he pleases in StarClan or the Dark Forest. He can telepathically interact with other living cats, if they happen to be in the same location within the afterlife.

Seeing Spirits - StarClan cats are able to wonder in the mortal world. However besides from rare moments where they're briefly visible, the living don't know about the ghosts' presence. Goosefeather on the other hand, can always see spirits and easily speak to them. Since those spirits have a greater awareness than living cats, Goosefeather can access impossible knowledge if he asks them. For example, he discovered the location of a missing clanmate when he asked a dead apprentice.

Future Foresight - StarClan's communication with Goosefeather is far more frequent than most cats. As spirits they have some foresight into the future and will share that knowledge with him. StarClan will either do this with a randomized vision, physical omen or prophecy from the moonstone. However, Goosefeather gets so overwhelmed, he can gets muddled between his own delusions and real prophecies. Additionally, this ability has given him an existential crisis, since its unclear if the world has free will or is predetermined. Because of this, he avoids using this ability sometimes and can't reach its full potential.



  • Daisytoe (mother)
  • Rooktail (father)
  • Moonflower (sister)
  • Bluestar (neice)
  • Snowfur (neice)


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