NOTE: This page is about Goosey Loosey in the Chicken Little video game, Ace in Action, not the 2005 film. Goosey Loosey is a villain in Ace in Action, but in the 2005 Disney film, Chicken Little, she is not a villain, just a bully.

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Goosey Loosey is the secondary antagonist and Foxy Loxy's minion and best friend in the Chicken Little video game, Chicken Little: Ace in Action.

Goosey was voiced by Kevin Delaney.

Unlike most Hollywood or space versions of the Chicken Little characters, the space versions of Foxy and Goosey do not appear in the Chicken Little movie made in 2005.


While Goosey Loosey is not evil in the 2005 Chicken Little film despite being an antagonistic bully, Goosey is evil in Chicken Little: Ace in Action, which is a video game based on the finale of the 2005 Chicken Little film due to helping Foxy so they could take over Earth.


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