Gopher is a recurring antagonist in CatDog and appears in the episodes "Diamond Fever" and "Home is Where the Dirt is", and a cameo appearance in "Dog's Strange Condition", he even appears in an internet game "Go for Gopher". He is known to be CatDog's neighbor who harasses them by stealing one of their things from their garden and property.


In "Diamond Fever", Cat is making flowers, and Gopher steals and eats the flower and Dog chases him away. CatDog found diamonds, by that CatDog are fighting each other for that, at the end of the episode, Gopher reveals that all the diamonds are just rock candy. Gopher tells CatDog that how stupid they are for thinking that they are just digging for diamonds.

In "Home is Where the Dirt is", he steals one of CatDog's turnips (he puts one turnip into Cat's nose). CatDog starts to go Gopher fishing (Cat ties a turnip to a string on a fishing pole), Gopher pranks CatDog into tying the fishing string on the back of the truck, which CatDog has a strong grips, pulling the truck into the Gopher's hole and the truck hits CatDog. Dog senses someone in his bones cellar, he sees Gopher stealing all of his bones, which Dog gets grumpy and chases Gopher underground to downtown. Then CatDog digs down to Gopher's home and starts to argue and Gopher uses his vicious pet worms to threaten to eat CatDog. Then Cat breaks up an argument and starts to make out an agreement (whatever is above ground belongs to CatDog and whatever is underground belongs to the gophers (except for Dog's bone cellar). Then CatDog's house fall into the ground and Gopher claims it when it is underground and tells CatDog to get out, leaving CatDog to failure.

In "Go for Gopher", CatDog tries to catch the vegetables (turnips, celeries, carrots) and Dog's bones off from Gopher from stealing them.


He is a gopher with gray fur, buck teeth, and he is slightly chubby. He wears reddish orange glasses, teal sleeveless shirt, blue pants, white socks and white and red shoes.


  • Like Rancid Rabbit and Mr. Sunshine, Gopher is voiced by Billy West of Futurama.
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