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Demon King Goram (in Japanese: 鬼王ゴラム, Kiō Goramu), simply known as Goram, is the main antagonist of episode 1 and chapter 1 in the Fist of the North Star spinoff/prequel Legends of the Dark King. He rules over the former Kanto region from his hideout Demon Cliff Castle.

He was voiced by Tetsu Inada.


Goram watches a girl named Reina dancing for him in awe. At first, he invites his goons to watch her, but when one of them becomes too excited, he changes his mind. When he offers her to become his wife, Reina asks that Souga and Raoh be allowed to work in his castle as well. At first, Goram loses interest but then decides "enjoy" her more personally.

When Goram announces she will be his new wife, he nearly rapes her by ripping her upper clothes off. Just then, Raoh arrives carrying a shamisen after fighting through the demon bandit's henchmen. Instead of performing for Goram's expectations, Raoh snaps his shamisen like a twig and announces he will take the castle and rule the city in his place. Raoh also mocks Goram's title, Demon King.

Just as Goram's goons come storming in, Reina and Souga reveal themselves as top servants of Raoh. Goram then starts his fight with Raoh by showing his Gabi Ken style.

Upon seeing Raoh's Hokuto Shinken, Goram asks if he will use it to bring chaos, but Raoh replies he will forge a new order upon the post-apocalyptic world. The demon then fires a Gabi Kitotsu Ken barrage, but the Hokuto Shinken fighter stops the weapons from hitting him in time. Goram then attempts to use his Yuumei Rouga Ken but gets blasted by the Hokuto Gosho Ha.

The henchmen agree to serve Raoh when the mortally injured Goram warns his enemy that his dream of being king is a joke and forewarns of Souther's victory over the Hokuto Shinken conqueror before dying.

Powers and Abilities

Goram uses Gabi Ken to launch weapons and use attacks styled on animal-motifs.


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