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Goran Vata is a supporting antagonist of the 2014 action film The Expendables 3.

He was portrayed by Robert Davi, who also played Franz Sanchez in Licence to Kill, Robert Masterson in The Taking of Beverly Hills, Hans Zarba in Son of the Pink Panther and Alejandro Sosa in Scarface: The World Is Yours.


He is the head of the Albanian Mafia helping Conrad Stonebanks on his plans to take down The Expendables team. Beside his dealing with Stonebanks in hi-tech weapon, he is also interested in purchasing nuclear weapons.

He is only shown in an mysterious building he is talking to Stonebanks about how on he plans to take down The Expendables, in a firefight with the Expendables, he is killed when he is shot a couple of times in the chest with a machine gun.

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