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Gord is the secondary antagonist of Mr. Meaty. He is a strict soytarian and the manager of Soy What?.

Gord's main appearances were in "Buffalo Burrito", "The Fries That Bind" and "Protest". His other appearances were as a background character.


When Josh and Parker had a meat fight, Parker quit working at Mr. Meaty and went to work at Soy What?, Gord's restaurant. Parker then spotted Gord's "Meat Reacher", and asked him what it was. Gord introduced himself to a depressed Parker and told him that he is the manager over at Soy What?, and as a strict soytarian, he's not allowed to touch meat, so his meat reacher helps him out. He also told Parker that they can really use pound and tender as the over at Soy What?.

When Josh went to get Parker back, it was revealed that Gord and his employees were secretly cannibals and wanted to sacrifice Parker to the spirits by eating him whole. Just when Gord was going to stab Parker, Josh went to save him and it was a battle with the Soy What staff (except Gord who refused to jump in and help) and the Mr. Meaty guys and Josh and Parker won. Gord was disappointed when he was at the subject of defeat and Parker told him to come to Parker and he rubbed a meat-boomerang in Gord's face. An employee asks Gord why he didn't jump in and Gord's excuse is that "he doesn't believe in violence". Gord lost the respect of his employees and they went to work for Mr. Meaty.

Gord's last major role was in "Protest", when he went to protest against Mr. Meaty, but Josh and Parker stopped him once again.

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