Gordess is the main antagonist of Tecmo's Star Force series.


Gordess is an alien monster capable of altering space-time. In the past, Gordess attacked Earth and was sealed by the four legendary warriors Aramna, Dorera, Viracocha and Oannes, who then left shrines containing the seal. 2137 years later, the seal would be broken, which due to Gordess existing beyond space-time causes it to awaken in the past, twisting time and destroying Earth, which then becomes a number of floating continents and part of Gordess itself. This becomes the first year of the Dimension Almanac Calendar (DA 0001).

For the next 2000 years, the now Death Star Gordess drifted through space and attacked other civilizations, who couldn't fight back in fear of its great power. In DA 2010, one lone hero named Ralph boards the Final Star spaceship and fights Gordess. Though he defeats it, that wouldn't be enough to stop Gordess. Ralph is contacted by the time travelling merchant Norm, who gives him the mission to travel through time and restore Gordess's seal.

During his mission, Ralph travels to different key points in time, revealing the ruins left by the legendary warriors and retrieving the lost pieces of the seal. With all pieces, he travels back to DA 0001 and confronts Gordess on its original form. With Gordess defeated, all that was left was to restore the seal, so he is sent by Norm to DA 2137, the point in time where the seal had been broken.

Depending on the player's choice, if he arrives in the year 2137 without the Cleopatra Mask, an item required to reveal the location of the seal, the player will be forced to do battle against a massive armed fortress. Destroying the fortress will end up reviving Gordess, leading to the bad ending. If the player arrives in 2137 with the Cleopatra Mask, the entrance to the final dungeon will be made available, and completing the dungeon results in placing the seven time stones near the seal, finally defeating Gordess. This not only fixes time, it also restores Earth to its original state, which

Despite Gordess's defeat, many years later the Borign, a race of alien conquerors, reawakened Gordess, seeking to conquer the entire universe. Eventually, the Blue-Nova and Red-Nova fought the Borign and Gordess, destroying Gordess for good.

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