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Gordon is a minor antagonist in Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam Ghost. He is one of the member of the mercenary and weapons development group Thoucus. He easily is the most violent member among his comrades.


Gordon is a rather violent individual, loving to hurt others and enjoy killing enemies. He also has a lack of remorse, having no problems at helping the Thoucus to kill children, even calling Jack Friday a fool for trying to save them.


Gordon was a criminal that had committed murder, and would later wind up in the Thoucus, lead by Quo Gray. He would be given the mobile suit Galahad, which is developed for close range combat. He would be present when the Thoucus is having a meeting with a Zanscare ship. Soon, a fight broke out between them together with League Militiare. Gordon decided to fight the Zanscare force, he easily overwhelmed them with the Galahalda with its sheer power, and the Zanscare force fleet was quickly wiped out. Gordon, together with other Thoucus then combatted the Serpiente Tacon, who escaped via gas tanks.

Soon, Gordon, together with other Thoucus members, were sent to take over the Cartoon Meat space colony. Font attempted to go to the colony to save the kids in it from being executed by Thoucus under the orders of Kizo, but Font was easily captured and was brought to the ship of Thoucus. Gordon would beat Font up, but later, Font would escape with the Thoucus Mobile Suit Phantom, and Gordon would encourage Jack Friday to fight Font, while telling him that since they were all criminals and he shouldn't follow his own beliefs. They then left the ship to combat Font, and Gordon easily pressed Font and his Phantom to the ground, while taunting Font about how he would be forced to watch kids getting executed. Luckily, Font activated the Phantom's burst mod and saved the kids. Gordon used the Galahad's arm to grab the Phantom, attempting to swing it to kill Font with the g-force. However, the Phantom overpowered the Galahad and Gordon was sent slamming into the ground, wounding him. He attempted to kill Font with his last breath, but despite this, Jack rushed and sliced at the Galahad's cockpit to stop Gordon from killing kids. Now mortally wounded, Gordon called Jack a fool, and asked him to put him out of his misery. Gordon then told Jack that he would definitely met a bitter end just before being vaporized by Jack's Desphys's beam saber.


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