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You say you see something in me? Well, I see something in you, too. You think you control. You can't. You're controlled. By your boss, by your job, by your wife, your kids. What would you be if all those controls went away?
~ Gordon Rickett taunting Elliot Stabler

Gordon Rickett is a villain in in the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Rage". He is a serial killer, serial rapist, and serial kidnapper of young girls. He is the prime suspect in four murders, two in New York City, one in Nevada, and one in Arizona.

He is portrayed by Matthew Modine, who also portrayed Martin Brenner in Stranger Things.


Rickett's father abandoned him when he was a child and left him in the care of his mother, who favored his half-sister and both ignored and abused him. As a result, he feels cheated by life, and blames his many failures on the world refusing to give him his due. He takes his rage out on little girls, resenting them for having the hope, trust and potential that he never will. Over the course of 14 years, he kidnaps, rapes, and murders four prepubescent girls, mutilating their bodies postmortem. He also has a long history of domestic violence, and a tendency to degrade his adult sexual partners by making them wear pigtails so they would resemble little girls.

In 1991, Detective Elliot Stabler investigated Rickett's first murder, which he committed after his girlfriend dumped him. During the resulting interrogation, Stabler threw him through a plate glass window. The victim, 11-year-old Dana MacNamara, lived in the apartment above Rickett's bar. He was tried for the murder, but there was not enough evidence to prove his guilt, and the jury acquitted him. While he was set free, his reputation was damaged by the publicity from the trial, and his family disowned him; he blamed Stabler and held a grudge against him for years. Rickett later moved around the United States, and was tied to - but never convicted of - the murders of two other little girls.

In 2005, Rickett settles in California, but is evicted from his apartment and the state after he sexually assaults his girlfriend's teenage daughter. He then returns to New York City, where he murders 11-year-old Kerry Lynn Palmer. He is later arrested by SVU on suspicion of the murder. Stabler and his colleagues Olivia Benson and Fin Tutola interrogate him for 24 hours, but are forced to let him go when he doesn't reveal anything. Before leaving the station house, he taunts Stabler by insinuating that the two of them harbor the same kind of rage, and that Stabler would be just like him without his job and family to hold him in check.

After finding more evidence linking Rickett to Palmer's murder, Stabler and Benson raid his home and find him about to murder another young girl. Rickett dares Stabler to kill him in cold blood, wanting to wreak a final revenge against Stabler by turning him into a murderer. Stabler appears ready to kill Rickett, but Benson stops him by shooting Rickett in the arm. They then arrest Rickett, and he is sent to prison for life for kidnapping and Palmer's murder.

Known Victims

  • December 4, 1991, New York City, New York: Dana MacNamara
  • July 19, 1994, Carson City, Nevada: Chloe Lynch (her body was never found)
  • Unspecified date, Tempe, Arizona: Anna Morrison (her body was never found)
  • 2005:
    • Unspecified dates:
      • California: Sandra Brophy's unnamed daughter (assaulted)
      • New York City, New York: Kerry Lynn Palmer
    • February 24, New York City, New York: Unnamed girl (assaulted)
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