Gordon Walker
But that's not what this is. This isn't personal. I'm not a killer,Dean. I'm a hunter. And your brother's fair game.
~ Gordon Walker

Gordon Walker was an antihero turned villain in seasons two and three of Supernatural. He was portrayed by Sterling K. Brown.


An exceptionally brutal hunter, Gordon, unlike the Winchesters, who see themselves as hunters who work to protect humans and only do what they have to do to the creatures they hunt, Gordon is proud to consider himself a killer, freely resorting to torture even when he has captured his victims. He also considers the world to be a black-and-white place, with demons and monsters as the villains and humans as the "good guys," considering that anything he does to even non-human-drinking vampires is justified simply because they aren't human, when the Winchesters are more willing to work with and tolerate the supernatural creatures they encounter that are not actively harming humans.

Ironically, Gordon's obsessions with not only Sam Winchester but with vampires lead to him becoming captured. Gordon is turned, in what his vampire captor sees as a fitting punishment. Gordon tries to use the newfound powers to finally kill Sam, but instead Sam is the one that prevails. As Gordon is no longer human Sam ends the rivalry by decapitating Gordon using a piece of razor wire.

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