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How silly of me! They call me Goremand, death devourer. Our goals are the same, for I hate humankind as much as you do. May I offer you some unsolicted help?
~ Goremand introducing himself to King Gauser and offering to convince the Ferolian beastmen to wage war on humanity.
Goremand: Wow! Didn't realize that Holy Bolt would work so well! I suppose it is a powerful spell, after all. Looks like I hooked a whopper!
Charlotte: No, oh no! What did you do to Heath!?
Goremand: (slaps Charlotte aside) Silly child! Run, if you know what's good for you!
~ Goremand as he prepares to kidnap Heath.

Goremand, also known as the Death Devourer (Death Eating Man in Japanese), is a major villain in the RPG video game Trials of Mana. He is a demonic Death Clown serving as the Masked Mage's main agent and the archenemy of the beast-man Kevin and the half-elf Charlotte.

Another Death Clown of the same name serves as a minor antagonist in the game Sword of Mana.


Goremand is an immensely powerful clown-like Reaper from Mavolia (the Mana counterpart of Hell), moving like a wired puppet. He travels through dark portals, masters illusions, and feeds of dead souls he regards as a delicacy. He hates mortals, revels in bloodshed and is always hungry for souls, never away from potential bloodshed.

He acts playful but is a sadist who delights in disparaging people under a veneer of politeness, bluntly pushing their buttons with a macabre sense of humour. While smug to weaker foes, he proves cowardly in the face of danger.

Game Introduction

Goremand was sent by the Masked Mage to the Beast Kingdom of Ferolia and offered his services to King Gauser, who named him his court mage. He then played on the beast-men's grudge against humans' prejudice and their craving for purpose, pushing them into invading the fortified city of Jadd and attack the Holy City of Wendel.

Goremand's original artwork.

Goremand offered to test the half-human prince Kevin, by turning his only friend the wolf pup Karl him into a monster and forcing Kevin to kill him in self-defence, awakening his beast-man powers. A grieving Kevin attacked his father, only to get trounced and thrown away.

(Gauser later reveals that Karl's death was an illusion, which he viewed as a test of Kevin's worth. He saw through Goremand's act but used it to unite his people, and nursed Karl back to health. But he could not suspect his goal to free the Benevodons.) Goremand tricked Kevin, telling him that he could use the Mana Stones to resurrect Karl, sending him on a journey.

Later, Goremand witnessed Heath beat three beast-men who threatened his friend the half-elf Charlotte (one of the heroes). Sensing the boy’s huge potential, he knocked him out with a spell, swatted Charlotte away and vanished with his victim, who was brainwashed by the Masked Mage.

Trials of Mana

Goremand's artwork in the remake.

If Kevin or Charlotte are the hero, the Masked Mage will be the final boss. If not, the Masked Mage and Heath are killed by the final boss when the heroes reach the Mana Sanctuary. Goremand is forced by the villains to tell the heroes, before trying in vain to escape, knowing what awaits him.

The heroes return to Ferolia, seeing Goremand eat the soul of a witch from the Magic Kingdom of Altena and using another's to unseal the Moon Stone. He effortlessly paralyzes a furious Kevin and swats Charlotte again, ready to eat their souls, before leaving them to the Ferolia general Ludgar. They later free the city of Jadd from the beast-men's occupation.

When the heroes reach the Mana Sanctuary, The Masked Mage destroys his rivals while Goremand goes to the Sanctuary with Ferolia's eagles. He waits with Heath for the heroes to obtain the fabled Sword of Mana from the Mana Goddess, and abducts the heroes' Faerie guide.

The heroes are forced to trade the Sword for the Faerie's life. Goremand is first harmed by its Holy Power, but Heath heals him and they bend it to their wills, freeing the Benevodons, before unleashing their armies.

After the Benevodons are slain, Goremand cloaks himself with illusions to ambush the heroes in the Jungle of Illusion and can only be found with the Mirage Mirror. After killing him and ending his sick mind games for good, they storm the Mirage Palace to fight the Masked Mage. However, he is only physically destroyed in the remake, and vainly swears to return.

Boss Battle

Goremand in the remake.

Goremand is a considerably powerful boss, at level 44 and with 12606 life-points, who can put up a serious challenge. He divides himself into three clowns, who jump around and strike the heroes with their scythes.

The real Goremand is the only one casting spells, but he always hides between his doubles. He uses the strongest spells of the Wind, Fire, Water and Earth elements, and the weakest spells of the Shadow and Light elements. He can cast a spell on every hero, which increases its power, and his most dangerous attack Roulette Spin strikes at random for a one-hit-kill.

Using multi-target spell to detect the one suffering damage or targeting each clown with a distinct hero until he is found is a good tactic. Then he must be harassed as much as possible. He has no elemental weakness but magic is not the best choice, contrary to weapons and special attacks. Be careful, for he violently counterattacks when hit with a too powerful technique.

In the remake, Goremand is at level 60. His attacks can be dodged, and telegraphed with red zones on their area of effect. He is very acrobatic and attacks more with his scythe. He strikes, violently stabs the ground, delivers a whirling charge, and hurls slicing winds. His doubles are easily spotted but can spellcast and must be destroyed to harm him. He can respawn them and even spawn a third later. Destroying two doubles in time can save the victim of Roulette Spin from a one-hit-kill and knock him out to make him vulnerable.

Rise of Mana

The Death Jester in Rise of Mana.

Goremand, along with the Crimson Wizard and Belladonna, make cameo appearances in the mobile phone game Rise of Mana. They serve both as bosses and allies assisting the heroes, even against themselves. They can be faced individually or all together.

This game features two protagonists from warring species of the Spirit Realm, the divine Rasta and demonic Daruka, who are sent to the physical planes sharing a body and forced to cooperate. In the end, everything is revealed to have been a successful plot of the Mana Goddess herself to bring peace between the two species.

As a boss, Goremand fights along two powerful werewolves. He jumps around swiftly and swipes his scythe, stabs the ground and performs spinning strikes, swings it to send a yellow energy blade, spins it to conjure a tornado, and conjures a green lightning bolt that blasts the ground if it strikes the heroes.

Goremand, Belladonna and the Crimson Wizard in Rise of Mana.

The werewolves strike with punches and kicks and surround themselves with a purple aura to attack. Goremand is powerful but not that hard to defeat. The heroes just need to dodge his attacks and retaliate, while dealing with the monsters on the sides.

When fought alongside the other two, they form a considerably dangerous team that unleash long-range and close range combos. Be very careful and dodge and counterattack rather than rushing blindly.

Circle of Mana

Like nearly every character of the Mana series, Goremand is playable in the card-based role-playing game Circle of Mana. The characters are played as cards to save the Mana Tree from monsters, and can gain power, equipment and Class Changes. Several cards featuring him are available, each evolving following a distinct path.

Sword of Mana

Goremand in Sword of Mana.

Another Death Devourer appears in this remake of the first game: Final Fantasy Adventure. While Dawn of Mana, Children of Mana, Heroes of Mana and Trials of Mana are chronologically tied, most games were stated by the developers to take place in distinct continuities, making the two Goremand counterparts.

His looks and powers are the same, but he is even crueler and creepier, with an darker sense of humor, and his courtesy is even more faked.

In stark contrast to his counterpart's staunch loyalty for the Masked Mage in Trials of Mana, Goremand is a wild card who only sides with the one who can provide him with more souls to devour, and switches allegiances on a whim.

Goremand serves as one of the major henchmen of the Dark Lord alongside the mage Julius Vandole and later the shapeshifting Demon Lady Isabella (Belladonnaors counterpart).

He works alone and never fights the heroes. He appears out of a rift in space after the Hero is forced to kill the Dark Lord's brother Devius, eating his soul.

Isabella attacks Goremand.

After the heroes defeat the Dark Lord, he appears to taunts him and his grieving lover Isabella, before paralysing them all. He devours his former liege's soul and steals the Mana Pendant from Isabella as gift to Julius whom he chooses to serve. Enraged, Isabella attacks him in her true form, but he scarcely escape.

Goremand later helps the heroes reach and confront Julius before fleeing again, but he only earns their disgusted scorn. His final fate is left unclear, but it can be guessed that Isabella will track him down relentlessly until she can kill him.

Lord of Vermilion III

Goremand, the Crimson Wizard and Belladonna make cameo appearances in the crossover arcade strategy game Lord of Vermilion III, which features collectible cards and battles in open space while controlling units, consisting in characters from many Square Enix games.


  • In the original Japanese game, Goremand is only known by his title.
  • His English name is a mix of "gore" and "gourmand" (French for "greedy for food"), referencing his consumption of dead souls.
  • For many years, he was known as the Death Jester in the unofficial fan-translation, a derivation of his nature as a death-themed Monster Clown.


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