Gorfinian is an alien serving as an agent of the Warp Monarch. He is the antagonist of episode 37 of Chouseishin Gransazer.


Gorfinian arrived on Earth at the Sea Paradise Aquarium. He soon encountered Sazer Gans, and deployed Gig Fighters to hold him off while he fled. Gorfinian then entered the body of Mick the Dolphin.

Gorfinian then began using his sound waves to harm the humans visiting the aquarium and influenced the other dolphins to attack them. However, Mayu is able to somehow get Mick to reject Gorfinian from his body. Sazer Gans then fights Gorfinian, with Sazers Tarious and Gorbion arriving to assist him. The dolphins at the aquarium then use their hyper frequency waves to weaken Gorfinian, allowing Gans to defeat him.


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