Gorgion is a member of the Warp Monarch and a minor villain in Chouseishin Gransazer. He is a Garban soldier under the command of Belzeus who was sent to kill Ruby.


Gorgion was sent by Belzeus to kill Ruby before she could awaken Ran's power. He first attacks the JSDF and defeats Dail and Velsou. However, Tarious, Gorbion and Remls arrive and attack him while Mithras takes Ryoko and Ruby away. Though at first overpowering the Gransazers, the tables become turned when Logia and defeats the Garban with help from Tarious. the Impactor prepares to kill Gorgion but Tarious' intervenes, allowing Gorgion to escape.

Gorgion later tries to kill Ruby again while Belzeus deploys Cabyron to hold off the Gransazers. He soon finds Ruby, but is attacked by the Flame Tribe. Upon being overpowered, he activates an explosive attached to him and suicide bombs Ruby, killing them both and completing his mission.


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