Gorgon's Pack are the secondary antagonists in the 2013 animated film, Walking With Dinosaurs The 3D Movie.


Two of his pack first appeared during the wildfire scene after they failed to catch, kill, and eat a Quetzalcoatlus. When Bulldust, his mate, Scowler, Patchi, and the rest of the children saw them, they ran off except for Patchi who wanted to know if they were friendly. However, he got scared of them when he realized they were predators and ran off to find the others. They later find the mother with the other children and have them cornered. This causes the mother to call for Bulldust, which makes him come to try to help. However, he was not successful because the mother and the other children were killed offscreen, most likely by the pack members or perhaps the fire. 

Later on, they were seen feasting on a Quetzalcoatlus that their leader killed. However, Gorgon spotted Patchi's herd and started watching them with hungry intentions. Two of the pack members, possibly the same ones from the forest fire, noticed Gorgon staring hungrily at the herd and join him. They then hide behind a bush to wait for the right time. When the right time came, they came out of their hiding spot and began their ambush. While Patchi, Scowler, and Juniper were hiding behind some adult Pachyrhinosauruses, the rest of the Pachyrhinosauruses were fighting them and Gorgon off.

During the climax, they were shown with Gorgon attacking Scowler which alarms Patchi. Eventually, Patchi began to muster the rest of the Pachyrhinosaurus herd, which with the help of Juniper, and attacked them and fought them off, which caused to flee, along with their leader. Gorgon's pack were never seen again after this scene.


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