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The Gorgon is a villain in the Star Fox series, appearing in Star Fox 64 and returning in Star Fox 64 3D (apparently having been revived). It is a bioweapon that was sent to defend Venom's airspace after Fox and his team (the Star Fox team) tore their path through the Area 6 Defense Station of Venom. Before deploying her, the Area 6 Commander yells out, "Dang! DEPLOY IT NOW!" to his minions.


During it’s introduction, the Gorgon will teleport into the battlefield using it’s built-in dimension transporter device after it’s deployment by the Area 6 Commander to head onto the battlefield and Slippy Toad will reveal the incoming weapon (or at least the boss's presence) to the team.

Phases 1 and 2

Open Core Gorgon

The Gorgon starts by opening it’s shell so it can taunt the team. If the three shield generators that have been installed inside are not KO'ed, it will close. Their destruction damages the shield, which takes out 15% of the Gorgon's health bar.

The Gorgon's first and second attacks can happen if at least one shield generator is spared. It will fire missiles and try to punch the player with the three arms. The arms retract when their health drops to 0, but this only leads to the Gorgon's third attack: a missile flurry. Fox can endure that by steering his ship wildly, and if that happens, the Missiles will lose track of their target. Fox must wait until the attack finishes, which leaves the Gorgon stunned for a few seconds, causing it to open the core. Fox must destroy the shield generators (The dead ones are revived) to progress to the next phase. The arms will extend again when the orifice closes up, regaining their stamina.

The second phase is the same, but lacking the opening taunt, and the central eye is yellow to signal anger.

Final Phase

Now in a state of desperation (Where the eye turns red at this point.), the Gorgon replaces the flurry of missiles with a powerful laser once The three arms are damaged. Fox must dodge this by steering his ship out of the way as she sweeps across the arena (often in his direction). Once this ends, the Gorgon will become vulnerable again. Fox will again have to destroy the generators, but this stuns the Gorgon for longer, rendering the central eye (which flashes yellow at times) vulnerable. The eye bursts once it is damaged enough, blinding the Gorgon and causing it to stumble into the atmosphere. This burns off it’s arms for good and soon explodes, thus completing the mission Through The Middle.


The Gorgon is a specialized "war machine". The outer shell appears disk-shaped to the eye. She has a hard shell on the surface and a single eye (the core) in the centre. That eye is the Gorgon's weak point. It is first colored blue, but turns yellow and then red as it weakens. The eye flashes yellow and red to indicate its vulnerability once it becomes vulnerable.

The Gorgon is equipped with missile launchers that it can fire from behind itself, three arms that allow it to punch, claw, grapple, and throw foes, and the power to fire a powerful laser from the center eyes.


The Gorgon is believed to be highly uncontrollable in it’s supplement material bios and the in-game dialogue. This is way it was released to defend Venom as a last resort. This does not prevent it from being disloyal to her master, however.


  • The Gorgon takes many of it’s traits, design elements, and attacks from the Death Star of Star Wars, and is even called the Planet Killer in the guides.
  • The Gorgon's ability to teleport makes her similar to the Phantron from the original game, Star Fox SNES. However, the Phantron is able to produce copies during this battle and is fought twice (retreating to Venom after the first defeat in Venom Orbit and then dying for real after the second battle concludes). The Phantron's location is accessed in the less difficult route as well, whereas the Gorgon is stationed in the hardest route.
  • The laser that is fired when the Gorgon uses the laser attack bears all the colours of the rainbow in Star Fox 64 and pure red in Star Fox 64 3D. The variation that uses the latter could be a later model.
  • The Gorgon is the second bioweapon to be fought in outer space, coming after the Plasma Hydra from the original game. However, the Plasma Hydra made it’s lair in Sector Y, whereas the Gorgon is fought above Venom airspace.
  • The Gorgon earned the name from the Gorgons of Greek Mythology, as it bears more than some resemblance to them, with the arms representing the snake hair. However, the Greek Mythology Gorgons have more snakes for their hair and have two eyes, whereas the Star Fox Gorgon has a single eye and three arms.
  • Venom slightly resembles the Gorgon when teleporting in Star Fox Zero. However, it produces more of a warp.
  • Pigma Dengar bears a slight resemblance to the Gorgon when he enters his Aparoid form in Star Fox: Assault.


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