The Gorgon Sisters are a trio of antagonists from the Disney series American Dragon Jake Long (ADJL).

Fury was voiced by Tara Strong, Euryale was voiced by Hynden Walch, and Medusa was voiced by Kari Wahlgren.




According to legend the Gorgons could turn anyone or anything to stone or hypnotize them by looking at them and were defeated and turned to stone themselves by the greek warrior Persus.

In their debut episode "Bring it On", the first and leader of the trio Fury is released from her stone prison and searches for her two sisters having already contracted minions. After a conflict with Jake, Fury frees her first sister, Euryale and they to go find the third sister Medusa.

Later one night at the docks, the two sisters along with their minions capture Trixie, one of Jake's friends and make her a minion as well. Soon Jake, another friend of his Spud, Jake's grandfather and dog find the gorgons who have just found Medusa and freed her as well. Jake, grandfather Lao Shi and Fu Dog are turned into stone but Trixie having just been freed from Fury's spell manages to trick the three sisters into fighting and turning each other into stone and fall into the sea.

In the episode "Furious Jealousy", Fury is freed from her stone prison again and surfaces to find another braclete after her's broke. Upon arriving at the magic shop, she is unlucky until Spud comes in looking for a magic spell remover after Nigel casted a spell on Spud's love interest Stacy. Fury manages to trick Spud into uptaining a braclete from Jake and gives it to Fury who is restored to power and later manages to free Euryale and Medusa. The trio later petrifry and and take Jake who has gotten fat due to eating and attempt to dunk him in the sea as they were. However they are stopped by a recently freed Jake, Spud, Nigel and Trixie.

It is unknown what happened to them afterwards.


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