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In Rome, we eat little mouses like you. A little garlic, a little olive oil, and presto! Dinner is served.
~ Gorgonzola to Glory

Gorgonzola is the minor antagonist from For Own Paws Only, the second book of the Spy Mice trilogy. He is a very fat rat from Rome and the eldest crime lord from all rats. He speaks in a strong Italian accent and loves eating mice.



For Own Paws Only

Gorgonzola arrives to New York for the Global Rodent Roundtable, alongside with the rest of the rat crime lords. As the eldest one, he is respectable from other rats, including Roquefort Dupont. He is very famous for "horrible rumors about his favorite food" - mice or some other things Dupont or other rats wouldn't ever eat. His large appetite is the main reason why he supports Dupont when he suggests to eat before starting the conference. He also doesn't agree with Dupont's idea to learn to read, and claims reading is only for humans and "no rat worth his whiskers needs books".

When the rats manage to kidnap Glory Goldenleaf, Gorgonzola visibly licks his lips, revealing he is really a mouse-eater. Gorgonzola is also the only first rat which notices a camera hidden in sun glasses the mice hung above the rats. Later in the museum, Gorgonzola and Muenster Alexanderplatz threaten Glory to eat her before they are stopped by Dupont.

Later, Gorgonzola and all the rats get stuck on the Mayflower float when the mice cut the ropes and the float flies away due its balloons. When the rats wonder what would they eat, Gorgonzola looks at Fumble, the only mouse on the float, and describes him as a starter, giving the others an idea to eat him.


Gorgonzola is briefly shown in the third book, too. He survives the flight, as some Norwegian fishermen find the float and get it on their trawler. During their time on the ship, Gorgonzola and the other rats are forced to eat fish only and they are soon just skin end bone.

After landing in a Norwegian harbor, Gorgonzola is shocked to see himself in the showcase and the first thing he wants to do is eating. He then returns to Rome.


  • Gorgonzola is named after an Italian blue cheese of the same name.
  • As the G.R.R. is the conference for rat leaders, Gorgonzola is obviously a crime lord of a rat gang in Berlin (like Dupont in Washington), although it was never specified in the book. He also didn't travel with his henchmen (if he has some), in opposite of Dupont.
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