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I will suck the marrow from your bones.
~ Grodd.
Gorilla City, our time has come. In a few short hours, we break the yoke of oppression... forever! No more Regime! No more Justice League! Earth welcomes its new leaders... The Society!
~ Grodd speaking to his army and revealing his new allies.
Against Brainiac? I've seen his mind, felt his power. He can't be stopped.
~ Grodd's last words before his death at the hands of Aquaman.

Gorilla Grodd, or simply just Grodd, is the secondary antagonist of Injustice 2. He is the ally of Brainiac. After the defeat of Superman, Grodd has organized a union of supervillains known as The Society to fill the resultant power vacuum and take over the world. In the Injustice 2 prequel comics, he worked with Brainiac to usurp Solovar as the new ruler of Gorilla City.

He was voiced by Charles Halford, who also portrayed Jemm in the Supergirl TV series.


Grodd is a proud and arrogant being, willing that he and his team can convert the world and that he is superior. Grodd is generally perfidious and brutal towards his enemies. He is also ruthless, sadistic, merciless and manipulative, willing to enslave anyone who dares try to stop him. He is also very confident of his power, believing himself superior to anyone and also shows treachery because he admits that he will betray Brainiac.

Grodd is shown to be more misanthropic, showing hatred towards humanity and wanting to eradicate all of them. The presence of the League of Assassins has prompted him to show disgust towards Solovar due to his "lack of leadership" for welcoming humans in the Gorilla City.



When Solovar becomes the king of Gorilla City, he has entrusted Grodd to become the General of the Gorilla Army, thus the armies of Gorilla City are loyal to him more than King Solovar himself.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 Comics

Grodd first appears at Gorilla City after Solovar welcomes the League of Assassins as their sanctuary was destroyed during Batman's attack to rescue the kidnapped children. Deep beneath Gorilla City where Amazo is being built by Professor Ivo, Grodd expresses his distrust to the android as it can't be mind controlled. Grodd grabs Ra's al Ghul, telling him that his rule has brought Batman to his sanctuary, thus expressing his distrust to a human protecting the many species. Athanasia al Ghul points a pistol in his head, demanding the gorilla to put her grandfather down. Solovar arrives, telling him that Ra's al Ghul is a guest to Gorilla City before using his mind control to forcefully stop Grodd.

When Damian shows a tablet containing pictures of charred corpses, he asks Damian if he lacks the "stomach of what's needed to be done". And then, Grodd demands to Solovar why did he allowed humans to sit beside him and the "filths" to be allowed near the throne. As Animal Man tries to calm down the situation, Grodd back hands Animal Man, roaring "I am no man!".

As Solovar demands all the other gorilla guards to remove him due to his insubordination, Grodd tells him that his soldiers agreed to his "lack of leadership". When Solovar gets up in fury due to his betrayal, Grodd throws a spear at him, piercing his right shoulder. Solovar then retaliates by sending a telepathic signal to stop all the other gorillas loyal to Grodd who are attempting to halt him. He then faces Grodd, telling him "You want to challenge me? Do it, Grodd. Show me your revolution". Afterwards the two sides of Gorilla City started fighting as to whether or not they shall agree to Ra's al Ghul's plans.

Ra's al Ghul summons Amazo to incinerate all other gorillas with its heat vision. Grodd tries to use his telepathy to control Amazo but to no avail. Grodd then shouts to the Android as "Metal Man with no mind", Amazo then removes his headgear and implants a device to depower his telepathy into his forehead before replying "I have a mind". Grodd lying down before Solovar in pain complaining that it's too quiet as he can't use his mind control to feel others' minds. Solovar tries to end Grodd with a spear until Ra's al Ghul intervenes, stopping him. Grodd and his other gorillas were exiled. Grodd asks Solovar about the device implanted on his head, but Solovar remains dead silent, causing Grodd to call him as weeak and a "pet for the humans".

Later, when one of Brainiac's robot appears on Earth, it tells that it expected more primates after killing one of the gorillas before Grodd appears from a bush, asking "who are you calling primitive?", telling the beta that this is Grodd's jungle, metal men are not welcome. Grodd then summons the rest of his outcast to attack the robot until it grabs Grodd up to the sky, the robot admittedly claims that he is indeed "not a primitive" and shoots a wire into Grodd's forehead.

Up to his mind, Brainiac asks him if he can hear him with that special little mind of Grodd, with Grodd confirming it. Brainiac introduces himself to Grodd and tells him that they will be helping with each other for now, Brainiac explains his plan on locating the kryptonian and taking him to Brainiac and prepare for his arrival on Earth. Grodd then went to his followers, delivering a speech about marching on Gorilla City and taking over Solovar's throne. He first plan was to infiltrate the city at night, where he telepathically controls Nnamdi, Solovar's son and killed Tolifhar, Grodd asks him to submit to the alpha, and Nnamdi fearfully accepts, leaving the young Gorilla.

Grodd and his outcasts later resurfaced from a lake when Killer Croc and Orca prepares to finish Ra's al Ghul. He grabs the severed hand of Ra's al Ghul holding the tablet that controls the Suicide Squad's implanted bomb. When the two prepares to fight Grodd, Grodd simply warns them to leave. When Croc asks what will happen to Ra's al Ghul, Grodd simply answers that it doesn't matter and they are not a part of it anymore, and also threatening them that if they try to fight Grodd, they will be dead in seconds. In an awkward silence, Grodd says that they haven't left. Croc mutters about the rest of his squad, and Grodd says "they will die" before Croc lunges at the gorillas, saying to Orca that he won't let that happen. Orca stops his lover and pleads to Grodd that the Suicide Squad will be useful to Grodd and he shouldn't be wasting them as his resources. A convinced Grodd tells her that it is pragmatic and right, there's no better outcome. Orca then gives Ra's al Ghul to Grodd as the two leaves peacefully.

In Gorilla City, Grodd uses his telepathy to kidnap Solovar's son who was sleeping with his father. Later, a siege occurs as Grodd and his outcasts started attacking the rest of Solovar's gorillas. Grodd, grabbing Ra's al Ghul tells him that he should not bleed to his severed hand to see this and that the gorillas are not "his pet" but his "betters". When Deadshot tries to shoot Grodd, Grodd retaliates by using telepathic signals to restrain Deadshot from firing. Man-Bat charges from above to attack Grodd but he died after Grodd detonates the brain bomb implanted inside his head. Grodd then shouts that the Suicide Squad now belongs to him.

Solovar appears from behind, warning him that he shouldn't have returned from Gorilla City as there will be no mercy this time. Grodd replies that mercy was his mistake and proving that he is not fit to lead Gorilla City and feels sorry that his son sees him weak. Grodd then releases a telepathic signal again to summon Solovar's son. Solovar asks "what now?" and Grodd delightfully tells to him that his son will live and he will die. When Solovar feels like he is talking to someone else, Solovar asks Grodd what has he done and who he is talking to before Solovar was shot to the head by a mind-controlled Deadshot.

With Grodd usurping Solovar and sitting in his throne, and a dead Solovar lying next to him. Grodd mind controls Ra's al Ghul, forcing him to lower his head to the palm of Grodd's hand, Ra's al Ghul tries to stop himself but his body is being forced to control itself. Grodd squeezes Ra's al Ghul's head, killing him and becoming the new ruler of Gorilla City.

The Society

In Gorilla City, Gorilla Grodd announces to his gorilla army that the Society of himself, Catwoman, Scarecrow, Bane, Cheetah, Deadshot, and Captain Cold would conquer the world and flay the humans he considers their oppressors. After the briefing, the Society discusses their plan until Green Arrow and Black Canary show up, and Black Canary uses her sonic sound to ground Grodd, Catwoman, and Bane. Grodd asks Bane and Catwoman to settle their account with the two heroes as he leaves the scene.

When Green Arrow and Black Canary manage to defeat his two allies, they succeed in following Grodd with four gorilla soldiers and defeat Harley Quinn, throwing them at their feet. He gives them a chance to join him, but they refuse, and Green Arrow shoots him arrows that he manages to block with his telekinetic powers. Grodd is then defeated by either Black Canary or Green Arrow, according to the player's choice.

Alliance with Brainiac

Grodd is then handcuffed by Green Arrow and Black Canary, but Grodd then laughs evilly and announces that they will never win the war. Then, Brainiac's ship appears over Gorilla City and teleports the two heroes away. Grodd gets up and laughs evilly again before grunting. Later, Grodd, on Brainiac's ship, looks with Brainiac and sees Flash confronting Brainiac's killer androids. Grodd then decides to send his henchmen to get rid of the Speedster.

Grodd later goes to see Brainiac after the latter was summoned. Brainiac informs Grodd directly that Superman was released to be able to defeat him, and that there is another survivor of Krypton: Kara Zor-El. Then, he tells the gorilla to continue planning, but that the two Kryptonians will be his.


When Black Adam activates a portal in Kahndag to access the Rock of Eternity, Brainiac orders Grodd to send the Society to take control of it. But Grodd tells him that his team is dissolved, though he will continue to serve the alien. Satisfied, Brainiac tells Grodd that he will be rewarded after the destruction of Earth.

In Kahndaq, Grodd sends several gorilla soldiers and Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Blue Beetle, maintained under his mind control, to kill Black Adam and Aquaman. Grodd speaks through the heroes and admits that he will kill Brainiac and take his ship to become unstoppable.

After the defeats of Green Arrow and Black Canary, Grodd sends Blue Beetle to ambush Black Adam and Aquaman to prevent them from using the power of the Rock against Brainiac.

Once Blue Beetle interrupts their ritual, Grodd shows up and orders his minion to kill the two kings. When his last puppet is defeated, Grodd confronts his two enemies and points out that they are three kings, but his two enemies call him a brute who serves only himself instead of his people.

Exasperated, Grodd answers that he will be the only one to leave the cave. Finally, the evil gorilla is defeated by Aquaman or Black Adam, according to the choice of the player.

Recumbent on the ground, helpless, Grodd insults the duo of stupid humans before Aquaman stab Grodd with his trident. Grodd tells him they will never beat Brainiac, because he cannot be stopped. Aquaman replies that Grodd is not unstoppable, and stabs again the gorilla, killing Grodd once and for all.



  • In the first Injustice, Grodd was a background character in the Stryker's Island level.
  • This version of Grodd seems to be older than his other incarnations because of his graying fur.
  • This version of Grodd is also different from his other versions due to a major change in his personality: being a carnivorous gorilla rather than an herbivorous one. In one of his pre-battle interactions with Blue Beetle, the latter tells him that his Scarab armor had told him that gorillas are herbivores, to which Grodd replies, "Most are. I'm not!" This is further supported during one of his clash quotes with Blue Beetle, in which he calls him out on this nature of his by saying, "You eat people's brains!" Grodd responds to this by roaring, "I'm a recreational carnivore!"


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