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Gorimondo considers the local shopping mall to be his personal territory. As part of the Beast Pack's executive council, he's in charge of capturing Waddle Dees and gathering food. He tends to eat all the fruit himself... he just can't help it! This behavior has earned him an earful from his boss more than once.
~ Gorimondo's figurine description in Kirby and the forgotten Land.

Gorimondo is a minor antagonist in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. He is an executive member of the Beast Pack who is tasked to capture Waddle Dees and defeat Kirby in order to stop him from saving them. He is the first boss of the game, fought in the final level of Natural Plains.


Gorimondo is a large gorilla with dark grey skin and large hands. He has red strikes on his fur and his face along with a white mohawk on top on his head and a small white beard. He has sharp teeth and a broken nose ring around his nose. Around his neck he wears a chain formerly holding a cage with Waddle Dees replaced with an anchor after his initial defeat. He's notably muscular, and has large patches of black fur around his wrists.


Gorimondo waited for Kirby by the mall building. After seeing Kirby, he breaks the glass and grabs him. After he escapes, they battle with Kirby coming out on top. He returns in Redgar in order to battle Kirby alongside the other bosses, but fails yet again. After being broken out of the influence of Fecto Forgo, he enters Forgo Land alongside his allies to retrieve the pieces of Leongar's souls in order to revive him. After seeing Leongar's revival, he's overjoyed alongside his friends. After the events of the game, he becomes Kirby's ally.


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