Citizens of Gorn, hark! We are the forces of heaven. Gorn is forever!
~ Gorn

The Gorn is the villainous organization from Blast Wind.


After a huge nuclear disaster, life on Earth was almost eradicated. A man named Noah, who somehow anticipated the disaster, created a huge ark and gathered as much people as he could to survive the catastrophe. Centuries later, the people of Noah emerge from the ark and begin to build a new civilization in harmony with nature. Unknown to the people of Noah, another civilization had already prospered while they struggled through the devastating nuclear winter.

Beneath the Earth's surface the Gorn, a civilization created by artificial machines, had also evolved and prospered, easily surviving the disaster that almost eradicated humanity. Soon, Gorn decides to expand its civilization beyond their underground states and attacks the people of Noah on the surface, who are easily overwhelmed by Gorn's military might. Without other options, the humans unearth an ancient weapons program called Blast Wind, creating two ships and two genetically enhanced humans, Kyo and Forn, who would become known as the Ultimate Destroyers, so the people of Noah leave their fates on the hands of the Ultimate Destroyers, who go alone fighting the Gorn's forces. Unknown to both civilizations however, Earth, having already ravaged so severely by the first nuclear disaster, could not withstand another Armageddon.

The Ultimate Destroyers fight the Gorn's forces and eventually enter the core of Gorn's civilization beneath the surface, where they destroy their weapons and leaders. However, the people of Noah learn that Earth's fate is already sealed and it would not be too long before the planet dies, so the humans use what is left of Gorn's technology to put their children in stasis and send them into deep, vast space, so that humanity can find another planet to survive and continue their existence as species.

The children are to be escorted by The Ultimate Destroyers on their long journey.


  • The Gorn's slogan, which can be seen on their base, is "World of Technology", which was the same slogan of Technosoft, the company who made the game.
  • The name Gorn is most likely a reference to the ORN Empire from the Thunder Force series, which was also made by Technosoft.
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