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No point? You're just makin' things harder on yourself. Deprivin' yourself for no damn reason. You think the world gives two shits if there's a point or not? Keep that up, and it'll break you.
~ Goro Majima
Forget money. A yakuza ain't worth dust without strength. Ya let that slip, someone else is gonna come gunnin' for your spot.
~ Goro Majima
Right, wrong... Nobody's got a clue what the difference is in this town. So I'm gonna have more fun... and live crazier than any of 'em.
~ Goro Majma

Goro Majima is a deuteragonist from the Yakuza video game series. He is a playable protagonist in Yakuza 0, a major antagonist in its sequel Yakuza and its remake Yakuza Kiwami, the main protagonist of the Majima Saga in Yakuza Kiwami 2, and a recurring supporting anti-heroic protagonist for the rest of the series.

In Japanese, he is voiced by Hidenari Ugaki in all appearances. In English, he was voiced by Mark Hamill in the original Yakuza and Matthew Mercer in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.



In Yakuza, Majima is the patriach of the Majima Family in the Tojo Clan and a captain of the Shimano Family. He is first seen with some of his underlings after Kiryu beats up one of the Majima Family men for attacking him. Majima attempts to kill the man for disrespecting Kiryu only for the latter to request him not to. Majima obeys this request but warns Kiryu that once he gets his own family he must not be merciful on his underlings. He requests to fight Kiryu but he refuses. He proceeds to attack Kiryu several times in hope of persuading him to grant his request to no prevail. Kiryu tells Majima he will never fight him unless he has a reason to. Majima takes this as a challenge to create reasons for Kiryu to fight him and excitedly walks off with his minions.

When Kiryu returns to Kamurocho after being in jail for ten years, Majima approaches Kiryu and claims he has gotten weak after serving his time. Kiryu determined to prove Majima wrong agrees to fight him and Majima bests Kiryu.

Majima sends his minions to abduct Haruka Sawamura to which they do. Majima and his minions then lock Haruka in a room in the batting cages and wait for Kiryu to arrive and try to rescue her. When Kiryu finally arrives Majima is hit in the head with a baseball. He and all his minions except for one laugh maniacally at this. Majima takes a baseball bat and whacks the minion who didn't laugh for not appreciating the humor. Majima and the remaining minions then fight Kiryu only for the latter to be victorious. One of the minions tries to run Kiryu through with a dagger but Majima puts himself in the way and aggressively states that Kiryu is his friend. The minions then carry Majima to the hospital.

A long time after this, Majima having fully recovered witnessed several ex Dojima Family members stalking Kiryu and prepares a cab to take Kiryu to a dock by the ocean for his own safety. Majima texts Kiryu to warn him of the stalkers and tells him to get into the cab. When Kiryu arrives at the dock Majima is already there and reveals he took him there so that the stalkers would follow and he and Kiryu could beat them up together. The stalkers arrive and Kiryu and Majima engage in combat with them. At the end of the fight Majima falls into the sea.

Majima is next seen driving a truck into a building Kiryu and Haruka are in. He sends his minions into the building to fight Kiryu, only for him to defeat them. Eventually, Kiryu encounters Majima and they fight once again. Again Kiryu defeats Majima and leaves the building with Haruka.

After his former patriarch Shimano dies, Majima tells Kiryu that he won't be going to get revenge on him, and future fights between them would not be because of Shimano's death.

SEGA Heroes

Goro Majima is one of the four Yakuza characters in SEGA Heroes. They are a Yellow Captain.

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