Goruza is the central antagonist in the adventure-platform game Xexyz. It only appears at the end of the game but its name is mentioned several times.


In the year 2777, the Earth has been devastated by nuclear war and natural disasters. Only five pieces of land are left. They merge to form the nation of Xexyz. Humanity flourishes under the rule of King Xeu Star and Queen Waria Star.

Eventually, Xexyz is attacked by Goruza and its army of mechanical monsters. They kill King Xeu and take control of the entire nation. A space warrior in full battle gear named Apollo can not endure the tyranny. He decides to fight Goruza and it minions in order to free Xexyz.

Apollo visits each island of Xexyz and eliminates the robotic monsters. On the last island, Apollo confronts Goruza in a large castle. They engage in a destructive fight. Despite Goruza's superior size and firepower, it is defeated. Apollo frees Xexyz and marries Queen Waria.

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