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Goto is the main antagonist of Parasyte is one of parasites who worked with Mayor Takeshi Hirokawa

in the live action movie, He was portrayed by Tadanobu Asano who played Lord Kira and Kakihara


Goto first appeared as jogger (whom Kusano drooped) who came the office owner by Yazukas has 22 members and killed them.

Goto along with other parasyte who worked with Takeshi Hirokawa who is camping for Shinichi's hometown and Goto was faster, stronger, and more dangerous than standard Parasites, and nearly impossible to injure because his cells came from 5 Parasites. Goto was final parasite that Shinichi and Migi take down and Migi's temporally sacrifice allowed Shinichi to kill Goto after he realized that he was weakened therefore Migi returned to Shinichi .


  • Goto is made of five Parasites, each have their own ability and weaknesses. 
  • Goto is the final enemy to be defeated.


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