Gotcha Grabmore

Gotcha in "Fur-Gone Conclusion"

Gotcha Grabmore is a minor antagonist on Tiny Toon Adventures. She is voiced by Joan Gerber.

Fur-Gone Conclusion

Gotcha first appears in the Rainy Daze episode segment, Fur-Gone Conclusion as the main antagonist. When Buster and Babs take a wrong turn on their way to Aruba and end up in Antarctica, Babs gets frozen in a block of ice and is defrosted by a baby seal. Gotcha captures the baby seal and attempts to skin it, so Babs and Buster disguise themselves as the Vanderbunnys in an attempt to save it. Buster and Babs rescue the baby seal and are chased around the antarctic by her, so Buster disguises himself as a mountie to stop her. Gotcha is put on trial and found guilty, sentenced to float south for the winter on a block of ice, where she is unable to poach animals.

Whale's Tales

Gotcha Grabmore in Whale's Tales

Gotcha in "Whales Tale"

Gotcha returns in the episode, Whale's Tales, again as the main antagonist. She builds a new cosmetics factory and teams up with a crew of octopi pirates, led by Octavius. Together, they capture a mother whale, leaving her baby in the hands of Elmyra Duff. Buster and Babs rescue the baby whale and he takes them to Gotcha's factory. Gotcha plans to kill the mother whale to use her blubber for her cosmetics. She even threatens to kill the baby, to in her words "make baby oil". Buster distracts the octopi pirates using Bugs' dance moves from the Bugs Bunny cartoon Hot Cross Bunny (a feat previously performed in Prom-ise Her Anything), but before he can release the mother whale, he is detected by Gotcha and he and Babs are captured. Gotcha puts them on a conveyor belt and attempts to saw them to make, in her words, "hare spray". Buster uses Babs' hairpin to set off a massive chain reaction that ends up releasing them. All the octopi pirates are at the top of the factory, tossing harpoons at the baby whale. The newly escaped Buster and Babs defeat the octopi pirates and open the factory gate for the baby whale, who helps rescue his mother. Gotcha is chased out of her factory by some angry animals, who toss her around, and Octavius becomes Elmyra's new pet.

Appearances in Video Games

Buster's Hidden Treasure

As seen in Buster's Hidden Treasure

Gotcha appears as an enemy in the ice mountain levels of Buster's Hidden Treasure for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, riding her snowmobile.

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