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Goth is the main antagonist of a 2003 horror movie of the same name and although not that well-known in the vaults of horror she is as deserving of notice as any other icon of the genre, and was a vicious and insane woman with sociopathic tendencies and an obsession with what she believed was "the true lifestyle of a Goth", which was in reality little more than a rollercoaster of sex, drugs and depravity.

She was portrayed by Phoebe Dollar.


Goth kidnapped a young couple and forced them to follow her on an eight-hour rampage where she corrupted them via forcing them to do drugs while also showing them all manner of depravity, including murder and rape (she is one of the few female villains who has been shown as committing this crime: via holding a knife to a man she kidnapped off the street and forcing him into have sex with her while her horrified captives are forced to watch).

As the movie/story progresses Goth becomes more and more violent and crazy, killing and torturing at will while continually going on about how she is living the "true" Goth lifestyle. The couple continually try to fight back against the psychopath but she always manages to get the better of them.

In the end of the movie Goth is killed by the girl she held captive, having killed her lover. However, due to all the horrors Goth had inflicted on her, the girl soon becomes insane herself and thus a new Goth is born.

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