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The Goth Punks are a major antagonistic faction in the Pico series, appearing as the main antagonistic faction of Pico's School and Pico's School: Love Conquers All. A group of murderous students lead by Casandra, their ultimate goal is to cause general carnage and defeat Pico.


Pico's School

In Pico's School, The Goth Punks try to shoot up the school, killing almost half of the school. Although they almost succeed, Pico manages to kill every member of the group and save the surviving students.

Pico Roulette

In Pico Roulette, the main members of the Goth Punks appear as playable characters.

Pico's School: Love Conquers All

In Pico's School: Love Conquers All, the story drastically changes due to the nature of the game as a joke, with all major members of the groups redeeming themselves with Pico's aid.



Main article: Casandra

Casandra, the leader of Goth Punks.

The main leader of the group, She is seen at the start of the game when teacher teaches them about apples, insults the American education system, opens fire, and killing almost every student in the school. She is also the final boss of the game is planned the events taken by her group. seen at the final part of game as a boss battle. She is responsible for the shooting of the school, planning every single part of it.


Main article: Alucard (Pico)

One of the first bosses in Pico's School, Alucard is notable among his organization due to his telekinetic abilities.


Main article: Cyclops (Pico)

The third boss in Pico's School, Cyclops is a xenophobic brute who mainly attacks using firearms.


Main article: Hanzou

A wannabe ninja with a liking of otaku culture, Hanzou is another major member of the group that serves as a boss, using his katana and stealth to attack.


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