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Gothik the Harvester is an antagonist found in World of Warcraft. He is a necromancer of the Scourge and serves as the second boss of the Military Quarter in Naxxramas. He also serves as a quest giver for the Death Knights' starting area. Gothik has sparse minions with Deathrattle. Gothik has a vast trim of spells of a Warlock. Once they are gutted, their spectral concomitants to the side of the player, which do not have attack deal 1 damage point to the hero. Gothik's insuccess allows a canny player to stall and deck him with Fatigue Damage. However, if you endow them with the capability to attack, you will be able to play them just like the rest of the minions. Gothik encomiums trainees and death knights in stage one. The Harvester there on encomiums a Doomguard in the final stage.

Commander Eligor Dawnbringer says of Gothik: "Gothik, the Harvester. A master of necromancy and conjuration, Gothik is said to be able to beckon forth legions of the undead at a moment's notice. It is with his guidance that even the weakest of Death Knights can raise the dead."

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