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Groeder is Generalissimo Killt's most trusted follower. During the war between the FSA and the Imperials, he is assigned with holding Super Joe, and questioning him for information. He is the first Imperial to be outfitted with a Bionic limb.


Bionic Commando Rearmed

Highly regarded by Generalissimo Killt, the man who spearheaded Project Albatross for the Imperials, Gottfried Groeder is entrusted with tasks vital to Imperial success. When a high ranking T.A.S.C. member, Joseph "Super Joe" Gibson, tries to infiltrate an Imperial facility in Area 7, he is assigned to hold Joe captive and question him.

During the interrogation, Gibson betrays intelligence regarding T.A.S.C.'s Bionics program, which Groeder uses to assemble and implant his own bionic arm. He is later believed killed by Nathan "RAD" Spencer, a Bionic TASC agent, when he comes to rescue Super Joe.

Bionic Commando (2009)

Groeder returned as the leader of BioReign, a pro-Bionics terrorist organization. His body, save for his head, was made fully bionic, possibly due to injuries received in the previous game. He believes that Bionics are stronger and superior human beings, and that the "fleshes" (humans) are weak and deserve to be exterminated or converted into Bionics.

He pilots a giant crab-like machine called "The Constructor" that roams around Ascension City and is the setpeice for the final act of Bionic Commando.

The final showdown between Nathan "Rad" Spencer and Gottfried Groeder takes place on the Constructor's helipad, where Groeder lectures Spencer before being killed in battle by him.