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You may realized I'm a lot faster than you. You can thank your brother.
~ Goum revealing his super speed granted to him by Amiba to Kenshiro.

Goum (in Japanese: ゴウム, Goumu) is a minor antagonist in Fist of the North Star. He serves the false Toki Amiba, and his name was only given in the anime.

He was voiced by Yusaku Yara in the Japanese version of the anime, and Richard Epcar in the English dubbed version of the anime.


In the manga, he had helped his colleague Habu bring a heavyweight boxer to Amiba's hideout before being knocked out cold.

In the anime, his role is expanded. He stays at Amiba's side while the boxer is fighting the henchmen. Afterwords, he leads a squad of dummy hunters to capture Kenshiro in the town of Gobia so Amiba can test him for power points.

He spots Habu's goons suddenly exploding after a short fight with Kenshiro and learns it is Hokuto Shinken. Goum then warns his enemy that every one of his henchmen has special abilities granted by Amiba, but even they are killed by the Hokuto Shinken user.

Angered, Goum then charges at Kenshiro at a very high speed armed with a spear. He then has three of his henchmen also armed with spears surround Kenshiro and dares him to try and dodge them all. But the Man with the Seven Scars managed to hit them all, with the henchmen getting their Kofu power points struck and turning on their master. As Goum tries to make a getaway, Kenshiro reveals he hit a power point that slows his speed to 1/100th of a normal man. Goum is then speared by his henchmen before they all explode into a bloody mess.

Powers and Abilities

Thanks to Amiba hitting one of his power points, Goum is able to run as fast as a jaguar and can attack at a blinding speed.


  • Goum's Japanese voice actor, Yusaku Yara has also voiced villains such as Targel and Dagar.
  • His English voice actor, Richard Epcar has also voice villains such as Walhart and others such as Raiden in Mortal Kombat and Joseph Joestar in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


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