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Gourdon Smithson is the main antagonist of the Veggietales episode, Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush from the first segment, Bully Trouble.


Gourdon was a bully to the kids in the playground. He wants the playground for himself. Junior, who is one of the kids had his nap and dreams that he was playing football and defeated many Gourdons. Later, when he was awake, He is on the sandbox. He pretended that he is on the planet, sandboxian and defeated the bully alien by inflating him. Later, when the kids went back to the playground, they surrounded the Gourdon and he went away.


Gourdon appeared as a typical bully. He is above average in size. He also has a backward facing cap, which is worn by most bullies.


Gourdon enjoys bullying the kids smaller than him. He views himself as superior and wanting to have the playground himself.


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