The Governor of York was a minor villain in the movie Braveheart. A nephew of the English King Edward "Longshanks" he was named the governor of the English city of York and surrounding areas in the late 13th century.

While Governor he became notorious for hanging innocent Scots - including women and children - from the city walls.

Upon learning of a rebellion north of the city in Scotland, he appealed to his cousin Prince Edward for aid. The Prince responded that he had no troops to spare.

Meanwhile William Wallace's forces arrived and laid siege to the city. The Governor was given a chance to escape to safety, however he refused on the grounds that he wasn't going to put himself in the position of having to tell his uncle that he lost the greatest city in northern England.

After several hours Wallace's forces were able to overcome the fortifications and enter the city. The Governor was beheaded by Wallace. His head was sent to Longshanks along with a message that Wallace had sacked the city.