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Where do you think you are oni? This is the third street of the first district of Hell oni. We are the watch-keeper ogres of this area oni.
~ Goz & Mez to Son Goku

Goz & Mez are anime-only minor antagonists in the anime-series Dragon Ball Z. They served as minor antagonists in the Saiyan Saga and later appeared as cameo characters in Frieza Saga, the Other World Tournament Saga, the Buu Saga and the Super 17 Saga of Dragon Ball GT.

In Japanese, Goz was voiced by Masaharu Satō, Ryōichi Tanaka, Hisao Egawa and Ryō Horikawa, while Mez was voiced by the late Kōji Totani, Hirotaka Suzuoki, Daisuke Gōri and Masaharu Satō. In English, Goz was voiced by Christopher Sabat, Mark Britten, and Chris Ranger, while Mez was Christopher Sabat and Mike McFarland.


Goz & Mez were two ogres working for King Yemma. They were the guards of the third street of the first district of Hell. Goz was known to be the strongest man in Hell next to to King Yemma and Mez the fastest after the King. Their routine wss boring and they often hoped for people to fall in their area so they can play with them.

A few months following his death in the battle against his brother Raditz, Goku was travelling the Snake Way in order to find and train under King Kai. At some point he fell asleep and fell by accident from se serpentine road falling to Hell. After waking up, he thought he reached King Kai's place and attempted to eat a fruit from a tree, but he was suddenly attacked and hit in the head from behind. Goz then appeared and told him that no one besides King Yemma is allowed to eat that fruit. Mez joined him and Goku asked them who of them of King Kai, only for them to tell him where he really is much to his shock. They introduced themselves and Goku told him that he must leave, however he couldn't escape no matter how many times he tried. They two ogres wanted to have fun with him and made a deal to help him escape if he manages to beat them. Goz and Mez played rock-paper-scissors over to how will fight him first, with Goz tricking Mez and winning. Goku fought Goz inside a circle and despite Goz's strength he was no match for Goku who knocked him out of the circle with a Kiai fist. Mez was the next to challenge Goku, this time in a race. They both started to run across the are and Goku managed to catch him with his superior speed. As they promised, Goz and Mex showed him a secret path that leads to the serpentine road. Goku secretly stole a fruit, thanked them and left with Goz and Mez telling him that they don't want to see him again, but actually being sad that he left as their routines would become bring again. It turned out that Goz and Mez actually tricked Goku, as this passage led to King Yemma's desk so Goku had to start all over again. Ironically, his fall into Hell helped him, as the fruit he ate made him stronger and faster, making him able to quickly reach the half of the road in no time.

Goz & Mez later appeared in the Frieza Saga, when the dead Ginyu Force members fought Tenshinhan, Yamcha and Chiaotzu on King Kai's planet. After being beaten all four of them fell into the bloody pond in Hell, with Goz and Mez saying that this was the first time so many people fell in their are. When Recoome tried to escape, they warned him that it's not easy to leave. Goz & Mez were shown again, 5 years later, when Cell joined forces with Frieza, King Cold, and the Ginyu Force and terrorized that area, Goku and Pikkon were ordered by the Grand Kai to go there and stop them. Goz and Mez quickly recognized Goku after all these years and asked them for help against Cell. Their last appearance was during Goku's fight with Kid Buu, with Goz, Mez as well as all the dead villains watching the fight in a huge crystal ball.




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