The Gozerian Terror Bear

The Gozerian Terror Bear

The Gozerian Terror Bear is a bear statue on Wall Street in Manhatten, New York that was animated by the evil entity Idulnas.


The Terror Bear started off as an inanimate bear statue on Wall Stree when Idulnas was brushed off by the Ghostbusters. Determined to finish them off, Idulnas brought the statue to life, causing it to go on a rampage for several hours before disappearing into thin air, much to the citizen's surprise and horror.

Two days later, the bear reappeared in Times Square where the Ghostbusters were on scene. As such, the Ghostbusters engaged into a fight against the Terror Bear. Eventually, Egon Spengler used a new Boson Pack to fire powerful darts at the Terror Bear, effectively killing it. Moments later, the Terror Bear dispersed to its death, leaving nothing but its corpse.



  • The Gozerian Terror Bear statue is based on the Charging Bull in Bowling Green Park near Wall Street.
  • Touching the bear is supposed to ward off bad luck.


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The Gozerian Terror Bear
Gozerian Terror Bear

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