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Graballa the Hutt is the secondary antagonist of non-canon Star Wars series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures and LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars. He is a Hutt crime lord and cousin of Jabba the Hutt.


LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars

At some point on the planet Corellia, Graballa bought a Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor from a young mechanic named Pace. When his friend Han took the ship with Pace on a spin, Han inadvertently had it destroyed. When Han and Pace landed on the ground, Graballa meet up with them. Graballa then demanded his ship but Pace said it was not ready yet. Graballa then asked when it was ready, but Pace said years. Graballa immediately grabbed Pace and said that Jabba the Hutt needed this ship now. Jabba then suddenly contacted Graballa. Graballa had a long conversation with Jabba. During this Han and Pace made their escape. During their escape, Pace wanted to get of Corellia so Han requested to into a cargo container. Han Solo pushed the crate in a area with other crates which were going to the planet Kethmandi and Pace escapes.

During his search for Pace, Graballa went to the planet Kethmandi to search. During this a Force-sensitive woman named Lena accidentally ran into Graballa. He and his henchmen, which included Dengar, asked her a couple times if she had seen Pace, having gotten a report that he lived somewhere in their current area. She said no and moved along. Lena then saw a speeder and hopped in but Pace came up out of the passenger seat screaming. Then a stormtrooper spotted Lena and Dengar spotted Pace. Lena and Pace started the speeder and drove away. A couple stormtroopers and Dengar got onto speeder bikes and chased them. The two eventually escaped after taking advantage of a conveyor line. They both later got inside a cargo container which they thought was being shipped to Canto Bight. It was instead being shipped to the planet Vandor, which neither Pace nor Lena knew nothing about.

Pace and Lena eventually landed on Vandor. Later they entered a bar with several individuals. One individual named Lando Calrissian made a deal that included capturing corusca gems from a comet made entirely of corusca. During their discussion, one of Graballa's spies, a male Narquois named Pru Sweevant, reported Pace and Lena to Graballa due to being at the bar. When Graballa found out, he knew that Estoc wanted Lena, the prisoner runaway from Kethmandi. Graballa then contacted Estoc about the news. When Pace, Lena, Lando, and L3-37 made it to the comet, they had just started to capture the gems when Graballa and Estoc arrived. They caught Lando's ship, the Millennium Falcon into a tractor beam. Pace and Lena went to hide behind the comet but they had the chance to escape with the gems but stayed. They released the gems onto Graballa's ship and Estoc's Y-45 armored transport hauler. They were both disabled and Pace, Lena, Lando, and L3-37 escaped. Graballa then sympathized with Estoc, saying that their lives were both just big poodoo sandwiches.

LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

When Graballa met Rowan Freemaker and R0-GR and saw a crystal of the Kyber Saber, he tried to get them to tell him where he would find the rest of the crystals. But at the last minute, Zander, Kordi and Naare rescued them. And when he learned the name of Rowan Freemaker, he threw them into the trap of Tatooine. But the Freemakers managed to escape again while he was talking to Jabba, and then he began to chase them around Tatooine. Until the Freemakers succeeded in sending a message to Naare, and she came to rescue them. Until Naare betrayed the Freemakers, she helped Graballa find the crystals of the Kyber Saber, until Naare finally betrayed Graballa too. And as soon as the Freemakers defeated Naar and took the Kyper Saber, Graballa and his minions captured Naare and stabbed her in Carbonite. When the Empire organized an auction of confiscated ships from Rebel sympathizers, he was looking for investors for his resort. There his two minions, Raam and Baash, bought the Cygnus Theta-class H-2 executive star shuttle, and at the same time they captured Kordi Freemaker because they thought she was royal and tried to claim ransom from her. But Rowan and Zander rescued Kordi and managed to take the K-2 shuttle out of him. After that, Jabba called him and said he had business ideas for him, and it was that Darth Vader needed his help to find the Kyber crystals. While searching for the crystals, he couldn't find them, but Yeppau had the idea that Rowan Freemaker could find the crystals and lead him to them. And so he suggested to Dengar that he spread the word that the one who finds Rowan Freemaker and grabs him gets the top reward. When Dengar and his friends found Rowan Freemaker and his family, they arrested them and Graballa informed Darth Vader that he had found Rowan Freemaker. But Rowan made Dengar and his friends quarrel, and when the Freemakers ran away and Dengar and his friends went after them, Graba was in trouble, and he continued to search for Kyber crystals. And when he found them, he brought them into the new Death Star.

LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales

After the First Order were destroyed and peace returned to the entire galaxy, Graballa built a hotel with Raam and Baash in the old castle of Darth Vader, making it a full-service Sith–inspired luxury theme resort for wealthy families across the galaxy, and he thought wealthy families would find an inner the dark side of them. And when he met Poe Dameron and BB-8, they toured Darth Vader's castle along with Vader's servant, Vaneé, his protocol droid, NI-L8, and a boy, Dean, who had taken up his work. While touring the castle, Vaneé told scary stories that weren’t really true, Vaneé wanted to use them to make Dean scared so Dean could fix the Sith light sword and unlock the Sith-Holocron hidden in Vader Castle, but Poe, BB-8 and Dean managed to get Sith -Holocron out of Vaneé's possession, after which Vaneé ordered the Battle Droids at work to chase him, Raam, Baash, as well as Poe, BB-8, and Dean. The situation was tough, but Vaneé and NI-L8 were defeated, after which Dean took the final account from him, after which Dean left with Poe.



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