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The truth is you're ours, not theirs.
~ Grace Ferrin revealing her true colors.
When your barricades came down we saw an opportunity to cleanse ourselves of our hatred.
~ Grace Ferrin revealing the neighbors' plan.

Mrs. Grace Ferrin is one of the two main antagonists (along with the Polite Leader) of the psychological horror thriller The Purge.

She was portrayed by Arija Bareikis.


Grace Ferrin is first seen when the main character of the film, James Sandin, returns to his home in Los Angeles to stay the night with his family on the night of the Purge, where anything up to murder is legal. Ferrin is shown to be quite envious of the family due to their wealth and success.

She is not seen again until much later, when she invades the Sandins' home while their security system is down and, with the help of the neighbors, kills the purgers. Eventually, Zoey Sandin manages to kill the Polite Leader himself, but just when things seem safe Ferrin reveals that the neighbors' plan was to kill the Sandins all along since they are sick with jealousy.

However, just as they are about to kill the Sandins, the homeless man they saved from the purgers appears and kills one of the neighbors. Ferrin, along with the rest of the neighbors, is tied up. Mary Sandin then requests that they all sit around the table in peace until the Purge is over.

However, when the Purge is almost over, Ferrin attempts to grab a shotgun on the table to kill Mary, but to her surprise Mary grabs the gun first and hits her with it before slamming her face into the table, sternly stating that there will be no more killing involved. When the Purge is over, Grace Ferrin goes home with a broken nose.



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