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"It's about time you were taught a lesson! Grab him Faye! (sees Faye being hesitant) Fine!! If you don't want to be my best mate!".
~ Grace as she pins Simon against the wall and prepares to bully him by forcing Faye into helping her out.

Grace Piper is a fictional character and an antagonist of the British soap opera drama Coronation Street. She only appeared in 2013 as a minor antagonist and was involved in the storyline where she forced her schoolfriend Faye Windass to help bully Simon Barlow to the point where they forced him into make-up.

She was played by Ella-Grace Gregoire.


Grace Piper first came to Weatherfield as a new friend of local schoolgirl Faye Windass, whom she goes to Weatherfield High with and they appear to have a good friendship at first. On one occasion Faye's mother Anna ensured that her daughter was out with Grace when she got involved in a situation where her son Gary Windass and boyfriend Owen Armstrong stole a motorbike that belonged to their villainous enemy Pat Phelan.

As the months went on, however, Grace's friendly persona was actually a farce as she revealed herself to be nothing more than a troublemaker prone to mischief. She still got along well with Faye, but was often compel her to cause trouble as much as possible. This involved tormenting fellow neighbour Mary Taylor by throwing rocks and stones at her campervan. Owen soon began to question Grace's nature around Anna, but she dismissed it - even when Faye's father Tim Metcalfe and his eventual wife Sally Webster also started to doubt Grace's judge of character.

In Halloween 2013, Grace started a feud with young rapscallion named Simon Barlow. This began when Grace mocked Simon and his stepfather Nick Tilsley, and in doing so caused a scene where Nick lashes out at Simon and several kids in front of Simon's mother Leanne Battersby. As such, Grace tried to get Simon into trouble by daring him to steal from the shop and help torment Mary. Then in November, Grace got Faye to feign a truce with Simon to the point where they insisted they join him and his cousin Amy in hanging out at the Barlow residence - owned by Simon and Amy's grandfather Ken Barlow.

After getting permission from Amy's mother Tracy Barlow and her business partner Rob Donovan to use Ken's house as their hangout, the youngsters went there. But then Grace began to cause trouble to the point where she and Faye wrecked havoc, although Faye later tries to get Grace to settle down to no avail. This soon frightens Amy into hiding upstairs. Simon attempts to leave as well, but Grace stops him by grabbing his arm and then pinning him against the wall. Grace taunts Simon right in his face as he struggles to push her away, before then ordering Faye to help "teach him a lesson". Faye reluctantly complies as she and Grace humiliate Simon by putting makeup on him, which Grace records on her phone.

Afterwards, Simon tearfully tells Leanne about what happened. Leanne then goes to confront Anna while Simon explains the situation with his father Peter Barlow. At the same time, Amy informs her father Steve McDonald of the incident and he confronts Tracy for neglecting to see the extent of Grace's troublesome attitude. By this point, Anna has realized just how much trouble Faye is in thanks to Grace when Simon's school headteacher Brian Packham informs the Windass that he had to inform the police of the incident.

Grace later warns Faye to not say her name after they are sent to the headmistress over what they did to Simon. When Faye is later questioned by the police at the station, she realizes that Grace has solely blamed her for Simon's ordeal. This eventually prompts Faye to tell the truth by explaining how Grace used her and is responsible for Simon's ordeal. All charges against Faye were subsequently dropped and Grace later faces the consequences off-screen, up to the point where she and Faye no longer become friends; Faye and Simon later make amends through their own ordeal with Grace herself.



  • Grace Piper appeared 23 times in her total duration on the show.