Grace Spencer

Grace Spencer

Grace Spencer is a minor antagonist from "The Wedding From Hell", episode 1.06 of Charmed.

She was portrayed by Barbara Stock.


Grace Spencer is the villainous mother of Elliott Spencer, who was set to marry Jade D'Mon (the episode's main villainess). Elliott was originally engaged to his true fiancee, Allison, but it was revealed that 20 years prior to the episode's events, Grace made a deal with Jade, who is actually a demon from Hell, to offer Elliott to her in exchange for her wealth. Jade appeared to Grace in the beginning of the episode to collect.

In the closing days before the wedding, Grace was confronted by Allison, only for Grace to prevent her from seeing Elliott. To cover up her demonic deal, Grace referred to Jade as a family friend, while continuing to allow Elliott to fall under her control. During a confrontation with Piper and Phoebe, Grace confessed the truth about Jade and stated that it was too late to stop the wedding, and told them to meet her in the wine cellar. Unbeknownst to the sisters, the evil Grace attempted to lure them into a trap, as Jade's demonic bridesmaids followed them to the cellar, only for Prue to stop them and save her sisters. Jade's plans were later thwarted, though Grace's fate was never revealed.

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