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Graeme is a fictional character and supporting antagonist of the British soap opera EastEnders. He served as a major antagonist in 2001 and 2002 respectively.

The character was portrayed by Christopher Ettridge.


Graeme first came to Albert Square at Walford, a fictional borough in East London, from September 2001. He and his old criminal gang are summoned by their former partner-in-crime, Steve Owen, to plan and execute an armed robbery as part of his plan to renovate his E20 nightclub; Steve's wife, Mel Healy, had set fire to the nightclub to get payback on Steve after his lies and deceit resulted in her being kidnapped by her former boyfriend Dan Sullivan and being held hostage in exchange for a £200,000 ransom.

Once the gang had gathered up, Steve explains his plan to rob a wealthy businessman named Alan and that he is working on seducing his mistress Jan Sherwood in order to make the job go ahead as fast as possible. The gang is successful in the robbery and Steve's errand boy, Billy Mitchell, manages to help them escape in his getaway car. The next day, however, the gang learns that Jan has stolen the money and that the police are investigating the robbery. Steve has Graeme and the gang investigate the matter personally, but it is soon revealed that Steve has actually betrayed his gang when he meets up with Jan to collect the money; Steve later explains that he and Graeme once did a previous robbery in which Graeme either ripped off Steve or double-crossed him, so Steve most likely wanted to get back at Graeme for his actions.

In 2002, Graeme resurfaces with his henchman Dave and the gang to confront Steve for his betrayal; Billy had been forced by his cousin Phil Mitchell, also Steve's archenemy, to grass up his boss to Graeme as part of Phil's rivalry with Steve after learning about the robbery. Graeme sets out to hunt down Steve and kill him along with Mel should they not repay him in due course. Graeme also secrectly plans to silence Phil and his sister Sam as well upon learning that Steve and Sam have embarked on an affair, which they don't tell Phil about in the hopes that either he or Phil would deal with Steve once and for all.

However, Graeme never got repaid and nor did he get the chance to eliminate Steve in revenge - as Steve himself would later be killed in a high-speed car chase with Phil. As the news of Steve's death becomes public knowledge, Graeme is forced to flee the square with nothing in order to avoid getting arrested.


  • He made a total of 12 appearences during his time on the show.