A soulless husk of a man, going through life desperately trying to feel something, because you know, deep down, that you're completely unworthy...and unloveable.
~ A drunken Graham to Joe
Graham Foster was Joe Tate's right-hand man and father figure. Since Joe's presumed death, Graham looks after Home Farm, and is now Kim Tate's right-hand man.


Graham had served in the British Army, participating in campaigns in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. The "work hard, play hard" attitude of the forces led him to develop a drinking problem. Graham met a woman named Cheryl whom he got pregnant. Although Graham didn't love Cheryl, he did the decent thing and married her. Around Cheryl's due date, Graham took leave so he could be at his daughter's birth. After dropping Cheryl off at her baby shower, Graham headed to the pub where he downed a bottle of whisky. Cheryl was used to Graham being drunk so didn't make a scene when he arrived to pick her up intoxicated. On the drive home, Graham lost control of the car on a bend and flipped the car, killing both Cheryl and his unborn child.

Following the death of his wife and unborn daughter, Graham was discharged from the army and got a job as a school groundsman. Although he was drunk most of the time, Graham managed to hold on to his job as the headteacher was too embarrassed to sack him due to his background in the forces. It was at the school where Graham developed a close relationship with troubled teenager Joe Tate. Joe's aunt and guardian, Zoe Tate, even made Graham Joe's guardian to prevent Joe from being expelled. One night Graham set his groundsman's hunt on fire with himself inside. Joe found him and pulled him out. After the fire, Graham ditched the booze and started working for Joe.

In September 2017, he met Charity Dingle and Debbie at a hotel in a bid to keep their luxury car hire firm afloat. Debbie wasn't happy with Charity's presence in the meeting and got her thrown out of the hotel. With Charity gone, Debbie showed Graham some figures, which Graham thought was a good deal but had to run them past his employer. Later, when Debbie went to show Graham the car, it had been taken from the car park. Debbie concluded Charity had taken it when she left and told Graham she would sort things and get back in touch.