Why did you bring me over to meet that guy, like he was your best friend? You introduced me to Hitler!
~ Nick Campbell to Billy McMahon after meeting Graham for the first time

Graham Hawtrey is the main antagonist of the 2013 comedy film The Internship.

He was portrayed by Max Minghella.


When Billy and Nick come to Google, they meet Hawtrey, who is nice to them at first because he thinks they're somebody important but when they say they are interns, Graham quickly walks away. Then he bullies and gives Nick and Billy and their team a really hard time calling them a confederacy of outcasts and turning down an intern, who becomes apart of Billy and Nick's team. He cheats at a game of Quidditch with his team and wins. 

Throughout the whole movie he displays zero righteous qualities and not being a redeemable character. Later  he happily says to Billy that every time he tries so hard at anything he fails and then belittles Billy and Nick and their team for their further failure, which causes Billy to quit and take the job provided to him by Sammy. Then when the team fails to convince Sal and his pizza shop to accept Google, Graham says that he and his team just convinced a company to take Google in and are about to get jobs at Google and then says to one of his team mates that he's fat and earlier Graham viciously injured him at the Quidditch game. But Billy returns and their team convinces Sal and his pizza shop to accept Google.

The group wins the challenge and is rewarded with jobs at Google. Graham becomes enraged and insults Chetty, the head of the internship program, and demands to talk to someone important. That's when "Headphones" (whom Graham had earlier insulted) reveals himself to be the head of the Google search division. Headphones not only congratulates the team but says Graham will never work at Google and that his British accent is fake. Graham gets upset at his teammates and berates them for the loss, claiming that he did all the work and the team losing was all their fault. Graham's teammate, Zack, who had been insulted for his weight by Graham for the entire film, then punches Graham in the stomach. 

Graham's ultimate fate is left unknown, since he didn't get the job at Google it is possible that he either ended up modestly successful thanks to his skills or in a dead-end job thanks to his awful personality. 


Your company was shut down, your home was foreclosed upon... your credit score is actually negative. That's kind of amazing, Billy. That's hard to do. You try hard, McMahon. I'll give you that. But things never quite work out for you, do they? I could waste my energy trying to beat you. But it seems, given enough time, you always find a way to fail. I just need to get out of your way.
~ Graham abusing Billy emotionally
Graham is a textbook narcissist, who believes he is the smartest and best person in the room at any given time. When the team suffers a loss, he immediately shifts the blame onto his team mates. Graham is also a bully, who insults his teammate Zack on repeated occasions for being obsese. In addition, Graham is Machiavellian, and attempts to sabotage the other teams by telling them that they cannot win and even flat-out cheating. Graham has no respect for anyone, and will only pretend to respect someone if he thinks he can gain something by doing so. Graham openly mocked Headphones because he did not know who he was, only to later realize that he is a very important and powerful Google employee. Apparently, Graham's British accent was also a fake, suggesting that he was willing to adopt traits that will make him seem more cultured and intelligent, which is a narcissistic trait as well.  
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