Bereavement 1

Graham Sutter is the secondary antagonist of the 2010 horror/thriller film Bereavement, which serves as a prequel to the 2003 film Malevolence.

He is portrayed by Brett Rickaby.


In 1989, Graham abducts Martin Bristol, a young boy diagnosed with congenital insensitivity to pain (CIP), and takes him to his house. He cuts Martin's cheek with a knife before slaughtering a young woman (whom he likely kidnapped earlier) right before the boy's very eyes. When Martin tries to escape, he intercepts him and keeps him captive. Over the next five years, he kidnaps a large number of young women and mutilates them in his basement, forcing Martin to watch his brutal deeds.

Throughout the movie, Graham talks and argues with a bull's skull that hangs on his wall, suggesting he's suffering from some kind of mental illness.

Midway through the movie, Graham captures Allison Miller, a teenage girl who has recently moved to town to live with her relatives following the death of her parents, when she enters his house after seeing Martin in the window. When Allison screams for help, Graham gags her and heads upstairs to find Jonathan, Allison's uncle, outside. He tries to deter a suspicious Jonathan, but when Jonathan insists on coming into his house and Allison manages to remove her gag and yell for her uncle, Graham shoots Jonathan with a gun, killing him. He then unbinds Allison and imprisons her inside a storage room.

Later, when William, Allison's love interest, enters his house and starts to free Allison from the storage room, Graham sneaks up behind him and proceeds to bludgeon him to death with a shovel right before a terrified Allison's eyes. He then takes Jonathan's corpse to his house, where he kills Karen, Jonathan's wife, and sets the place on fire. Graham attempts to kill Wendy, Allison's young cousin, but Allison returns home and stabs him twice, causing him to flee from the Millers' home.

After killing Allison, Martin returns to Graham's house, where he kills Graham with an ax and uses the man's bones to create a shrine with the bull's head as the skull before waiting for his next victim, ending the movie.

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