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Grand Doomer is a boss appearing in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. It serves as the boss of Nutty Noon and holds the Lor Starcutter's final part, the mast. Grand Doomer is presumably the leader of the Sphere Doomer and possibly the entire Doomer species. He also serves as the final boss of Pop Star. Unlike his cousins, the Grand Doomer retains both his eyes in Extra Mode.

When the player first enters the level, the mast is in plain sight. If the player touches it, the usual part obtaining sequence plays, but it soon fades out as the part moves out of reach. Suddenly, the Grand Doomer makes his entrance: a large bat-like creature eats the part and Kirby and the gang must fight him to gain the last piece. After fighting and depleting ¾ of his health, the Grand Doomer turns into another form and acts much like Drawcia Soul using moves that Drawcia Soul would use to attack Kirby. Kirby finally defeats Grand Doomer after attacking with numerous hits from Kirby's Ultra Sword. During the boss fight, Grand Doomer uses many attacks such as shooting fireballs and teleporting.

Grand DoomerEX

Grand Doomer EX

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